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  1. Roadrunner

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2023/24 Edition

    Glad you enjoyed your visit; had I known you were going to be there I'd have said hello. Unfortunately I missed the pre-match medley as I was running late, but got there in time for Spandau Ballet's 'Gold' as the teams ran out. It was a brilliant display by Littlehampton against their higher...
  2. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Fixtures moved around Christmas and New Year

    Is that not the 'winter break' series of games, so half of the PL games would be played on the 13th and half on the 20th?
  3. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Travel To Manchester Tomorrow

    We also drove up this afternoon, took 6hrs but glad we did it as the train option could be painful tomorrow. And I get a chance to take my lad to the National Football Museum in the morning for bonus Dad Points.
  4. Roadrunner

    [Albion] 2 and a half hours before we could leave?!?

    We based ourselves in a bar just off the square and kept a close eye on how quickly the bus queues moved (or rather didn't). About two hours before kick off it became pretty obvious that the whole situation was becoming shambolic, so we took a spur of the moment decision to gamble on the metro...
  5. Roadrunner

    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2023/2024

    This Bills performance has really whetted my appetite for next Sunday's game against the Jags at Tottenham, which I have tickets for. Defense has completely dominated this (previously) red-hot Miami offense.....
  6. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Ajax - ticketing process, tiers and all that jazz

    Doesn't affect me directly, but this is causing some confusion in our group. I'm sure the implication of earlier comms was that the cut off for accruing points towards Europa League away games was the Man Utd game. From yesterday's announcement, it's really not clear whether the points...
  7. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Travel Form for Marseille

    They used to, several years ago, but it's no longer a requirement.
  8. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Songs in concourse on Saturday

    Couldn’t make it to OT on Saturday, but this sounds like a reworking of a song I heard being sung by England fans in Glasgow last week. “He comes from Barnsley, he plays in blue and white, he hates the Germans, he thinks they’re f*cking shite, he’s breaking ankles everywhere he goes, his name...
  9. Roadrunner

    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    I was in the England end last night, what a privilege to be there on such a momentous ocassion for our club. Got a heads up that Lewis would be playing earlier in the day and spent most of the afternoon torn between 'proud as punch' and 'please don't f*ck it up'. I was kicking and heading every...
  10. Roadrunner

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2023/24 Edition

    Decent, if not high quality, entertainment in slippery conditions I thought. Littlehampton started slowly and went 1-0 down early on but grew into the game second half. A little disappointing that they didn't go on to win after equalising early in the second half, hitting the woodwork twice and...
  11. Roadrunner

    [Football] Europa Draw party

    In previous years I believe that a provisional sequence of fixtures was published within an hour or two of the draw being made, but they will still be subject to change once the various authorities have their say. They won't want two big games in the same city on the same day, for example. So...
  12. Roadrunner

    [Football] Europa Draw party

    Two legs. We won't know the full list of 22 potential opponents until around 12hrs before the draw.
  13. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Mitomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Completely unrelated to this thread, but as you've mentioned Mike Trusson....... He's just been recommended to me as a driving instructor for my soon-to-be 17 son. Wonder if he's any good at that?
  14. Roadrunner

    [Football] England - Ukraine Qualifier & Scotland Friendly

    Really hoping for some Albion involvement, I’m going to both games…..
  15. Roadrunner

    [Football] Saudi Super League

    I'm a massive hypocrit in this respect, as I absolutely despise 'plastic' fans of Premier League teams yet I have chosen, for very tenuous reasons, to 'support' the Buffalo Bills from afar. I've been to a couple of their games in the UK and, in fact, will be missing our home game with Liverpool...
  16. Roadrunner

    [Football] Who will qualify for the 2023-24 UEFA Europa League?

    Almost perfect, apart from the fact that I believe we will know our 'running order' of matches fairly soon after the draw is made (within hours) - although they are subject to negotiation between the clubs and police input etc. For this reason, those of us who are responsible for organising...
  17. Roadrunner

    [Albion] Would you want to go to Marseille away?

    I’ve been to Marseille twice with England, the first time was the infamous 1998 game against Tunisia when the local North Africans were in full-on riot mode and the second time in 2016 when the Russian hooligans rampaged through the city. When given the chance, on a day trip this summer, to...
  18. Roadrunner

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    Indeed. However there was little chance of the OBS moving along the carriage once we'd reached Durrington because it was absolutely rammed as usual, so perhaps they realised that most people simply wouldn't bother even trying to buy a ticket.
  19. Roadrunner

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    Not your problem just get on the train without a ticket. The barriers were manned and they weren't letting anyone get onto the platform without a ticket
  20. Roadrunner

    [Albion] More train misery (WHU & Newcastle (home games))

    I turned up at Angmering station on Saturday lunchtime, ten minutes before departure time, to find that the ticket machines weren't working. The poor bloke in the ticket office had at least 30 people desperately trying to buy tickets before the train arrived. I guess they'll eventually expect...
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