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  1. Baldseagull

    [Albion] 2023-24 Loanee Tracker Thread

    Yes, been at Brighton since 2018, when he was 16, so has the required 3 years before the age of 21.
  2. Baldseagull

    [Albion] 2023-24 Loanee Tracker Thread

    This is from the Northampton Chronicle player ratings, for Marc Leonard. "Running out of superlatives to describe his performances. He's a top end Championship player masquerading in League One. Even in such a frenetic, physical contest and on a difficult pitch he showed his class. So composed...
  3. Baldseagull

    [Football] Zaha watch - *** The SEGW finally managed to escape***

    SEGW - Swivel eyed gravity whore won the race to be the most common term for Wilfried on NSC. Other contenders were Bug Eyed Turf Magnet, Mr.Tumble, Wayne Dibley and ****
  4. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Welcome to new Roma NSCers...

    He meant Roberto De Zerbi is not guaranteed to be on the bench, he has been banned from the bench twice this season.
  5. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Ambitious summer Transfer Window.

    Seems likely that the the club will have an advantage in the transfer market this summer, and if they do, they will take it. Less likely to see massive offers for our players, the trouble will be if clubs do what City did with Cucurella, unsettle them and then offer a low transfer fee, hoping...
  6. Baldseagull

    [Albion] So who is the secret singing…?

    Is out of contract this summer, is a model pro, has won stuff, and he might want to prove he can still do it with a club that is competing in Europe.🤣
  7. Baldseagull

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    I find it less worrying for democracy if MPs are intimidated by a mob than bought by some individuals, but yes, neither situation results in proper democracy.
  8. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Sam Jewell

    Oh well, never mind. Chelsea have a habit of creating an opening at the Albion, that we fill with an upgrade, so I expect we will likely do the same again.
  9. Baldseagull

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    How about the Alternative Vote system we had a referendum on? Would still allow people to vote for the candidate they most wanted, rather than against the one they most despised, but allow that vote to pass to another if their most preferred candidate was not popular enough with others to be in...
  10. Baldseagull

    [Help] Tag watch battery replacement

    Buy the tool for £20, and do it yourself, use some silicone grease on the gasket when you close it up again, and as long as the gasket is not damaged, it will be waterproof.
  11. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Jakub Moder

    Not much point in Baleba coming on in that situation. Moder needs the minutes to build his confidence in his body and match fitness, Baleba needs to work on his positional awareness and understanding of the movement of the other players in our team, especially when building from the back...
  12. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Positives from today

    Mitoma can still walk.
  13. Baldseagull

    [Albion] More Chris Wilder delusion...

    Not sure either linesman had a good view of it either to be fair, it was in the other half to the linesman on that side, and the far side of the pitch from the linesman in that half. The original broadcast view of it live it wasn't obvious that Mitomas right leg had been caught as all, looked...
  14. Baldseagull

    [Albion] More Chris Wilder delusion...

    I think Wilder knows full well that its a shocking "tackle", and his comments are to try and reduce the chances of his player getting an extended ban for it. I think it warrants being more than a 3 match ban.
  15. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    Why wouldn't they? My guess is that most of them don't have contract negotiation as a core skill, and if it involves moving country, and a lot of money, in a tax and regulatory system you have no clue about, an agent might be useful.
  16. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    Would Potter forgive the booing? If he came back and didn't get off to a good start, he would find us a lot less patient than we were the first time around.
  17. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    Don't hold back, let us know what you really think.
  18. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    We are higher up the food chain than we have ever been.
  19. Baldseagull

    [Albion] Brighton's Roberto De Zerbi drawing attention of Europe's top clubs

    I would not be surprised if we see interest from a major club, but it wouldn't be a total shock if he said no, still got a contract and a job to do at Brighton. Could also see Barber talking him into leaving, as £10m opposed to nothing at the end of his contract, if he wont extend, would...
  20. Baldseagull

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Yeah, they should run away to Britain away and live in Salisbury, Putin cant touch them there.
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