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    [Albion] Italian train strike [National Strike Fri. 8th March]

    When I go on the trainline app and look at trains on the friday from Rome to Milan Malpensa it shows a pretty full service. Is this because the apps not up to date or is it just not a particularly effective strike? Is it possible they're selling tickets for trains that won't actually run?
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    [Film] Saltburn

    I sort of agree with both of you at the same time
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    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    Absolutely massive. That goal will probably get us Europe
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    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    Some empty seats in the Chelsea end there. I think they were reserved for Caicedo's Mum but she's stuck in the turnstiles.
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    [Albion] Song for Roma???

    "Just like Brighton your city is Blue"? Although given Lazio are Lazio maybe not
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    [Travel] Rome - where are you staying

    4 bed Airbnb 2 streets away from the Vatican!
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    I don't know what your budget is but just fyi Gatwick to Milan, train down, train back up and flight back to Gatwick would currently cost circa £200 per person.
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    I don't know where you watched but the TNT YouTube stream was a minute or so behind.
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    Deserves it's own thread. Due to flight prices soaring I have opted to fly to Milan on Wednesday morning and get the train (3 hours) to Rome. I'm also flying from Milan Friday evening.
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    [Albion] Roma ticket fiasco

    Already sold out. Unlucky pal
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    [Albion] The Europa League 23-24 Round of 16 Draw OFFICIAL THREAD

    Did he do his hair in the dark?
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    [Albion] Europa Round of 16 Predicted Draw

    Liverpool vs Sporting Rangers vs Milan Leverkusen vs Quarabag West Ham vs Freiburg Brighton Vs Benfica Atalanta vs Sparta Villareal vs Marseille Slavia vs Roma
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    [Football] Europa League Play offs - Second Leg

    Basel airport serves Freiburg. Hence it being named EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.
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    [Albion] Sheffield United loyalty points have been added

    Disagree. I was 1 point off the top tier for Liverpool. These 15 from Sheffield will mean I have overtaken anyone who was less than 15 above me and didn't go. Given that it went down to purchase history, that could be a decent number of people. I'm hoping I now have just enough points to be tier...
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    [Albion] Sheffield United loyalty points have been added

    Mine 100% have. 323 this morning, 338 now
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    [Albion] Sheffield United loyalty points have been added

    Just checked the ticket site and seen that my 15 points from Sunday have already been added, a fair bit faster than normal. Great news for those of us who went and are worried about being outside tier 1 for Europe!
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    Worth bearing in mind that Lille is only about an hour away by train if accommodation becomes ridiculous.
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    Am I correct in saying the cutoff for that would be around the 320 to 330 mark if the Sheffield United points are excluded?
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    [Albion] Premier League 17-21/2/24

    Have that you jammy f**ks
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    [Albion] Premier League 17-21/2/24

    Who the f*** chose this fixture for television? Especially as they already played it twice in the fa cup a month ago
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