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  1. Blue3

    [Albion] Was it a red?

    I obviously agree but Gilmore won the ball thetackled player was falling away and was raising his leg 6 of one half dozen of another
  2. Blue3

    [Albion] Was it a red?

    No not a red, Gilmore won the ball the Everton player in falling lifts his leg which Gilmore connects with its a yellow studs were raised but not dangerously nor deliberate
  3. Blue3

    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service?

    As a Voluntary option then I can see some benefits it would give teenagers the opportunity to grow away from home and to experience military life if it also provide some life training to give youngsters a leg up towards a job and it’s attendance was viewed positively by employers then it could...
  4. Blue3

    [Albion] Welcome to new Roma NSCers...

    In my humble it was more to do with Ciceros tendency to change his views and not play at left back which combined with the incredibly volatile situation after Julias Caesars murder would ultimately lead to his downfall. After the death of Julias Caesar as Rome descended into civil war he...
  5. Blue3

    [News] Shemima Begum- Should she be allowed to return to the UK?

    Shemima Begum- Should she be allowed to return to the UK Personally I think she should have returned to the UK for a number of reasons, she was only 15 she clearly is not the brightest having not finished school and was radicalised here in the UK she stupidly went to the Islamic State and was...
  6. Blue3

    [Politics] Brexit

    Since Brexit the cost of cars has been creeping up in the uk, I am not particularly interested in all the whistles and bells but I am looking at a small electric car being retired I only need it for around town. As such I am quite interested in Dacia Spring currently not on sale in the uk but is...
  7. Blue3

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    Certainly going to the home tie cannot see I would stand any chance of an away ticket
  8. Blue3

    [Albion] So who is the secret singing…?

    Thiago Alcântara age 32 out of contract at Liverpool end of season obviously knows Lallana and Milner speaks English,Spanish and Italian midfielder 2 maybe 3 good seasons left if he can remain fit, Brighton becoming the new Fulham when for a short time they had Bobby Moore, George Best and...
  9. Blue3

    [Politics] Sir Keir Starmer’s route to Number 10

    I can see very little similarities between the two Blair’s a populist who believes that a free market should fund and operate within state run institutions while Starmer is a deep rooted man believing in the state and its institutions after all he has only ever worked for the state on behalf of...
  10. Blue3

    [News] Affordable tattoo removal, the growth industry of the 2030’s?

    It’s the obvious big industry after all the poor to very poor life choices millions have made over the last 20 years
  11. Blue3

    [Palace] #cpfc

    well It certainly isn’t Palarse
  12. Blue3

    [Palace] #cpfc

    Perfect fit for Graham Potter assuming he even wants a job in football
  13. Blue3

    [Albion] Jakub Moder

    To me Moder just is that bit more experienced I have no doubt Baleba will become a really good player he just needs time to develop meanwhile Moder is a really good player but needs time to get match fit, I assume with the injuries Moder offers the fastest option
  14. Blue3

    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    A great and much needed result 0-5 without being the most exciting game due to Sheffield being one player down for most of the game and having been hammered at home on the two most recent games they decided to put everyone behind the ball but they were absolutely dire in defence and dangerous in...
  15. Blue3

    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    It’s Moder on the dance-floor But you better not kill the groove, hey-hey, hey-hey It's Moder on the dance-floor But you better not steal the moves
  16. Blue3

    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    *time we spank a team that’s below us in the table
  17. Blue3

    [Misc] London Overground lines renamed

    Genuinely how is renaming tube lines going to make it more functional Tax avoidance for certain people has become an art form
  18. Blue3

    [Misc] London Overground lines renamed

    Announced on the same day the country officially went into recession I have written to my MP asking how much is this rebranding of all the stations signs visitor literature it’s got to be many millions what a totally pointless excuse don’t forget its us the Tax payers who pay for these fantasy...
  19. Blue3

    [Music] AC/DC Wembley July 2024

    Was lucky enough to see AC/DC in the 1980s when Angus was still young enough to get away with the school boy outfit and was physically able to run across the stage and complete a flip off a trampet at the side while still playing
  20. Blue3

    [Politics] Sir Keir Starmer’s route to Number 10

    The election starter gun has been fired with the May local elections where the Tories will get a pounding, I guess the Tories are hoping voter apathy will have set in by the time the election proper starts. Once the election does start all the combined forces of evil will be back on board the...
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