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  1. Jesus Gul

    [Music] Your Favourite DJ of All Time

    David Rodigan. Used to tape his Saturday night Capital Radio reggae show in the 80s when the signal made it over the Downs.
  2. Jesus Gul

    [Other Sport] Shrove Tuesday

    Lemon and sugar. Although I did have a biscoff spread and banana one last night as well
  3. Jesus Gul

    [Football] Half and half scarves
  4. Jesus Gul

    [Football] When did replica shirts become really popular?

    Face magazine did a great Italia ‘90 spread with a very young Kate Moss on the cover and models wearing a load of colourful Brazilian team shirts and ‘No alla violenza’ tees. Halcyon days!
  5. Jesus Gul

    [Football] When did replica shirts become really popular?

    Early 80s I’d say. All the sports shops used to sell kits. David Rose up the dials with exotic St Etienne kits. Swifts sports with their kits on show behind a yellow tinted window film! Wisdens with a great selection but the real action was upstairs with the Italian /French casual sportswear...
  6. Jesus Gul

    [Film] Most underrated movie

    I really enjoyed ‘A Guide to recognising your saints’ but it was panned by critics
  7. Jesus Gul

    [Football] What football boots did you have as a kid?

    Patrick Keegan Tops My folks made me clean and smear dubbin on them after each game
  8. Jesus Gul

    [TV] The Apprentice 2024

    After his 'high IQ/bench press/eye candy' intro and his clueless clapping I think he's safe as this generates discussion and drives viewing figures. Maybe he really IS clever and it's just an act. Who knows (cares)?
  9. Jesus Gul

    [Albion] Neal Maupay

    ‘Although the Frenchman kicked the ball against his standing foot, it deflected into the corner to give Maupay his fourth goal in consecutive matches.’ Yep about right!! 😂 Top bloke Neal
  10. Jesus Gul

    [Albion] Positives from Tonight (Wolves)

    Positives? Jason Steele M’lud
  11. Jesus Gul

    [Football] Teams that don’t deserve success because of their away kits

    I like Spurs’ beige kit this season. Different yes
  12. Jesus Gul

    [Football] Subbuteo, What team you have in the opening box ?

    I saved up tokens in Shoot magazine in the 80s to claim two lucky dip teams. I got Watford and Boavista/Charleroi (ie black and white checks) Also had Cov (Talbot kit)
  13. Jesus Gul

    [Albion] Reda Khedra... doing well 👍

    Scored a cracking solo goal for Reims at Monaco this weekend BUUUT ! Reda Khadra seul face à la défense monégasque vient inscrire le deuxième but rémois de la rencontre !
  14. Jesus Gul

    [Football] Castore kit manufacturer

    I got my son the Molten Europa League ball (replica £30ish) and was looking at a Derbystar Bundesliga ball on Amazon for other son but didn’t get it for some reason.
  15. Jesus Gul

    [Albion] Lazar Samardzic

    This would be MAJOR…
  16. Jesus Gul

    [Food] Favourite/ least favourite tv/celeb Chef ?

    Has anyone mentioned Thai chef Poo of Cooking with Poo fame? Obviously a big seller at Bangkok airport gift shops for the play on words. Not really chefs but I like the bitetwice pizza review boys on social media
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