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    [Albion] The Europa League 23-24 Round of 16 Draw OFFICIAL THREAD

    5.45 UK time.. good to know..!
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    [Misc] Post a photo of the most beautiful car you’ve ever seen.

    Jensen already posted, but always had a thing for Rally cars..
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    Us too - 4 teams from UK have supporters have all mass booked accom in advance, and will then cancel loads it all off again and be available..
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    Back of fag packet calcs - Liverpool away, which is normally 3000 tix (but might be less this year?) and that had 320-ish (?) points as first tier, then that gives strong steer on where you are..
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    Even if West Ham get Galatasary..?
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    [Albion] Europa League - Away game tickets.

    They’ll be another team supporters also in Istanbul that night.. likely a UK team too.. flights into there gonna be tight as well thinking about it
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    [Albion] 2023-24 UEFA Europa League Playoff Round

    It seems Qarabag play at different stadiums for league and europa cup - Their last home game on 14th December 2023 Vs Hacken was at Tofiq stadium which (google tells me..) holds 31,000 - Do they also play at the National stadium (Circa 68k) depending upon competition and opposition ?
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    [Albion] TV dates for March

    Blimey, gonna have to be super nice to the Mrs this month, coz March looking pretty busy....:LOL:
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    [Albion] Joao Pedro Brazilian Maestro

    Small amount of idle chatter pre game about 'dressing room bust up' and JP not happy with being mentioned about 'needs to be better for 90mins' - Clearly ridiculous, and post game we could all see the results of a manager who was asking for 'even more' with a quite brilliant all round...
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    [Albion] Chris Wilder on the problem of playing Brighton

    JPvH also does a bit of this.. and the SU fans dug him out when he suddenly went from 'shot' to 'running back very quickly..'
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    [Albion] Accuracy of Accumulated Loyalty Points

    Interesting point.. I started season with couple more points than my BHA wingman, and am now a couple of points less..:unsure:
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    [Football] Should NSC start its own football club?

    There was the NSC 5 A side at Preston Park for a few years, and NSC also has 'fans' matches before games too - I played Vs Wycombe Wanderers..
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    [Travel] The most thrilling stretch of road in the UK, has to be...

    Used to love opening up the 'bike on A303 past Stonehenge - No bridges, so no camera's..🏍️
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Aren't Dutch ones due before end of year? This vid has been de-bunked as fake already tho (filmed in Bulgaria or similar some time ago and doctored)
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    [Football] A23

    Yeah down to one lane 700m before A23/A27 junction.. super clear after tho..
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    [Finance] Is this the cheapest way of running central heating? Can't find an answer on the internet

    No easy answer - How old is house, how leaky is it? (does it have cavity wall Insulation/Double glazing?) and what is boiler make/model? A larger size boiler (or worcesters in general..) can have a minimum fire of 5kw.. thats approx 5 rads worth of heat at it's lowest ignition point. If it's...
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    [Misc] Trains to and from Nottingham

    Oh agreed - At Grantham, they seemed to be warning us of potential fines if you held LNER tix, and got on the Hull train.
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    [Misc] Trains to and from Nottingham

    9.21 St Pan direct to Notts was fine, but the 2 carriage 6.38 to grantham was delayed for for 50 mins on the platform and missed our planned connection back to St P, although the later one was very quiet (everyone pilled on shorter the Hull train)
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    [Albion] Dunk - straight red?

    And Taylor is one of the top two ref's in England, so their (new) stance is to be seen as a portent of things of things to come with other refs.
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    [Albion] Scarf competition

    My '83 Semi Final scarf and hat, accompanied me and the Mrs to Kilimanjaro - A full 5681m Above Mean Sea Level. (Mrs looks delighted doesn't she.. :ROFLMAO: )
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