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  1. Deportivo Seagull

    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    I loath Liverpool, simply loath them, so it was weird experience wanting them to win. I’m off to nick some hubcaps in celebration .
  2. Deportivo Seagull

    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service?

    The military now, to when NS was in place is light years apart. NS would be a buggeration factor more than anything else. it’s highly technical and the resources should be aimed at that, not getting Load of 18 years old marching up and down. It shouldn’t be forgotten that many who served in...
  3. Deportivo Seagull

    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service?

    If they aren’t train for an active role then why bother. The military isn’t a dumping ground.
  4. Deportivo Seagull

    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service?

    A big bouncing ’no’ from me. Filling the armed forces with people who don’t want to be there is a disaster waiting to happen. The cost of extra uniforms, weapons, building new accommodation etc will far outweigh the benefits of national service. It would be better to use the monies from a...
  5. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Everton *** Official Match Thread ***

    which is what should have said, when posting that he has been poor for the last few games. It amazing how a bit of context helps.
  6. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Everton *** Official Match Thread ***

    It’s weird. It’s says ’Junior’ but for some strange reason I read it as ‘wanker‘ ….
  7. Deportivo Seagull

    [Other Sport] MLB 2024 Season

    That is f***ing horrendous. End of.
  8. Deportivo Seagull

    [Football] Mykhaylo Mudryk has no brain!

    Chelsea have failed to get the best out of nearly everyone they have bought …..
  9. Deportivo Seagull

    [Music] The Infinite Jukebox

    I can’t give you everything - The Rains
  10. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Sam Jewell

    Me as well. As far as Ikm concern they can keep coming back. Their success rate has been woeful. Neither Cucurella or Caicedo have been worth anywhere near their transfer fee, Potter and the backroom staff were a disaster and yet we still rinsed them for a couple of 100 million.
  11. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Dan Ashworth joins Newcastle

    Footballing Brexit🤦‍♂️
  12. Deportivo Seagull

    [Football] Trains to Sheffield

    I’d settle with them just attempting to fix the utter f*** up that is our utilities and transport systems. Let's face it, the Tories would raise fares and still drive the systems into oblivion …. The wankers..
  13. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    IF the Jan window was anything to go by I doubt that many clubs have many to spend. It could be a very quiet summer.
  14. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] More Chris Wilder delusion...

    He’s just a shit Neil Warnock
  15. Deportivo Seagull

    [Music] Disgraceful cover versions

    Capital punishment is barbaric … but for Mr Aston I’m willing to make an exception.🤬
  16. Deportivo Seagull

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    There is no substitute for natural ability.
  17. Deportivo Seagull

    What MAGAZINES do you subscribe to ?

    Institute of Engineering and Technology monthly periodical ….. because I’m boring bastard.
  18. Deportivo Seagull

    [Music] Top 3 Yankee bands

    The Band - yes I know with the exception of Levon Helm they are Canadian but you can’t get much more Yankee than ’The night they drove old Dixie Down’ The Velvet Underground The Stooges
  19. Deportivo Seagull

    [Palace] #cpfc

    They really are a needy bunch of twats. It’s grown men and women acting like prepubescent teenagers.
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