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  1. bomber130

    [TV] Captain Sir Tom Moore - *Died 2 Feb 2021*

    Good , Thankfully the family hasn’t tarnished what captain Tom achieved he was, and is a legend. RIP Sit Tom
  2. bomber130

    [Misc] What was your first pet's name?

    Humphrey my tortoise when I was about 9. However things didn’t turn out well for him as one day he wouldn’t wake up when I tried to feed him so buried him on a railway embankment. It was only some years later that I think I may have buried him whilst hibernating.
  3. bomber130

    [Albion] Joe Cole

    Didn’t see it had been already posted please delete this thread
  4. bomber130

    [Albion] Joe Cole

    Cole even
  5. bomber130

    [Albion] Joe Cole

    Not sure if mentioned but on TNT2 atm. Maybe on you tube soon.
  6. bomber130

    [Other Sport] Sticky Vicky RIP

    I will never play ping pong again.
  7. bomber130

    [Food] Which bird will you be roasting this Christmas (2023)

    Xmas is cancelled in my house as my golden retriever due to give birth to 11 plus pups next week. I have three already so possibly 14 dogs running round the house on Xmas day not a good idea to be cooking.
  8. bomber130

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    At least I don’t have to watch MOTD tonight after watching that shit show already. I fecking hate villa.
  9. bomber130

    [Albion] ** BHA v AFC Bournemouth ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 13th SEASON !!

    Please can I have my point post 23 thanks in advance
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