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  1. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Season ticket renewal 24/25

    Made me chuckle that they mentioned not sending out renewal packs to meet their sustainability targets when they've signed a massive deal to promote short-haul flights. Completely mad
  2. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Gilmour... In the middle they look to go... Ferguson with the pass... Jaoa Pedro, THIS IS THE CHANCE

    Him and Warren are class. Enjoying Brian Owen’s audio (and other) coverage as well.
  3. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Games on my own

    Sorry to read this. I have always dealt with it by inhaling whiskey and anxiety meds but those take their toll… admire your courage.
  4. Mr Banana

    [Misc] Christmas and mental health...the annual thread

    West Sussex Mind are running their excellent service over Christmas, for anyone who wants support.
  5. Mr Banana

    [Football] Help needed - Chelsea Ticket

    Would leave loads of time if you can - the duplicates collection queue for the league cup game at Chelsea was massive
  6. Mr Banana

    [Music] Fatboy Slim - Athens

    Was on the brink of buying you a drink from the pub over t’road several times but thought you could probably do without your night being interrupted by a clown
  7. Mr Banana

    [Music] Fatboy Slim - Athens

    Did you go in? Thought you got a taxi away about 45 minutes before they let everyone in
  8. Mr Banana

    [Technology] In Ear Head Phones

    If there’s one thing I know about (apart from being an irredeemable loser) it’s mid-price in-ears. The Earfuns are like the knock-off fake versions of the WF-C500s. Far fewer features. They’d be fine if you’re just using them by a desktop and don’t move but will break if taken out and about or...
  9. Mr Banana

    [Albion] “I think he's an Albion fan", Athens/AEK edition

    Airport bus is €6 each way and takes 40 mins.
  10. Mr Banana

    [Albion] “I think he's an Albion fan", Athens/AEK edition

    You'd need to do at least six single (90-minute) journeys while you're there to make this better value, I think. Or eight if you get the convoys rather than metro to and from the ground. Airport is 5.50 each way, then 1.20 a metro journey.
  11. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Arsenal and Palace tickets

    Buying tickets for games every other day >> dopamine receptor transplants becoming available on the NHS
  12. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Videos & pic's from Ajax please.

    Some bits on an old 360. Should have added more variety and a proper edit but couldn't be bothered
  13. Mr Banana

    [Albion] So who was there for the CULTURE?

    Hard techno at Club Roots last night. The place is new since I last went out in Amsterdam. Can’t remember owt about it but it must have been good because I didn’t take any photos. Rush Hour had a really good Fela Kuti exhibition on Wednesday. Album artworks and that. One of the guys who works...
  14. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Albion spotted in Amsterdam already!

    You have two Newcastle fans in shirts heading your way
  15. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Amsterdam pubs

    It requires a Dutch postcode and bank account.
  16. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Albion spotted in Amsterdam already!

    Few Newcastle here yesterday. All up for going to bars and chatting absolute shit. Marvellous
  17. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Amsterdam meet up

    For anyone into tunes: Rush Hour - the best record store in the world - is having its annual massive used hiphop and house sale on Wednesday. Loads of coffee shops showing the Spurs game tonight. Also lightning.
  18. Mr Banana

    [Albion] On this day in 1997

    We'd actually looked solid before that – drew 0-0 at Hull and Hartlepool in the two games immediately beforehand. Think it was Paul Emblen's debut and we were all hoping he'd help us win games if we could keep the clean sheets going. Valur Gislason definitely played. Memorably anonymous. The...
  19. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Everton vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    It’s produced by Opta, whose match managers have to make a quick judgement
  20. Mr Banana

    [Brighton] Need to buy an adult's birthday cake in Brighton - recommendations?

    Got a good one for someone’s birthday from Harry Batten on Conway Street the other week. Was £35 for a 4-6 person cake but I’d say the actual size was more like a 10-person one. Cielo on Church Street looks good and has vegan options but they don’t have prices on their site.
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