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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    I watched a TV programme last night. Documentary from a journalist inserted alongside the Russian army, close and right up to the front line. Poor bloke was scared out of his wits. Highlighted (to me) that war is truly dreadful / horrific. But the mindset of the Russian soldiers was telling...
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    [TV] Gladiators

    A night out with Wolf & Viper would get messy. As hopefully a night out with Lightening & Sabre would too. For very different reasons obviously...
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    [News] Major incident in Newhaven

    Right, I've read the whole thread now and I'm so confused. Is it Bibby or Libby Stockholm?
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    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Well, I've just gone overdrawn on the brownie points. Was told Friday that daughter and SiL are coming round for Sunday roast. Told Mrs SS that we need to be done eating by 2pm as footie on the box. Mrs SS not happy. Any unwanted / surplus valentines chocolates would be very welcome ...
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    [Humour] Limericks Are Fun

    Similar to the one I heard ... There once were two school kids from Aberystwyth Who made love with the lips that they kissed with But as they grew older They also grew bolder Making love with the things that they pissed with
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    [Albion] Sheffield United v Brighton & Hove Albion *** SCORE PREDICTOR ***

    OTHER - 1-5 to the Albion - finally it clicks
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    [News] Arry and Megs at it again.

    I think the Duke & Dutchess of Sussex should abdicate that title and buy Duke & Dutchess of California, or LA or America to show their true aligence.
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    [Misc] Official NSC Dog Bore Thread

    So sorry @pasty If Misty usually gets stressed when going to the vets many vets will offer a home visit to make the final hour less uncomfortable (maybe for you too)
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    [Finance] PCP finance help - can't work it out

    Can't be many folk who have £50k credit limit on a credit card. Interest on a CC will be more than PCP Doubt car dealers will take a CC payment that big as they will incur serious fees. If you have one, why not add it to your mortgage. Then pay it off when you get the cash. Or maybe put the...
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    [Other Sport] Shrove Tuesday

    Are you sure? (Or have you whooshed me?) My understanding is that Shrove Tuesday is the big feast before Ash Wednesday which is the start of Lent. 40 days before Easter. We all binge on pancakes but often ignore Lent.
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    [Misc] Valentine's Day

    Unless you are a member or have paid your green-fee. Just no slow play ... And two-balls have preference ...
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    [Other Sport] Shrove Tuesday

    Does rum not make a pancake go soggy?
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    [Other Sport] Shrove Tuesday

    Anyone choosing meat paste for a pancake filling needs a serious word with themselves. For a type 1 diabetic this is an insulin big-dose day for me as the carb intake is horrific. Golden syrup, Nutella, sugar/lemon. Not necessarily in that order. 2 of each and I'm done. Youngest daughter...
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    [Albion] Astrid, u ok hun x

    Given she is an ex-boxer, her face is in remarkably good condition.
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    [Football] James Maddison

    Where does "dark arts" end and "bell endery" begin? Is it dark arts when it's our player and bell enders if it's an opponent? Maddison seems to moan at refs rather than wind up opponents, must be that?
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    [Albion] Albion Women

    Women playing Wolves at the Bucks Head [Telford] tomorrow [Sunday] which is only a mile from my place. Do they travel up the night before as I've just seen a coach parked-up down my road [very unusual] close to the Hadley Park Hotel. I'm cricket coaching tomorrow so a bit disappointed I can't...
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    [Technology] Hiked price for RING Doorbell plan

    A tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of what global mobile phones create in CO2 and data traffic / server use? Unless your doorbell runs on diesel?
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    [Albion] Ibrahim Osman **Signing Confirmed 10/02/24**

    Another disappointing transfer due to no excitement on Flight Radar tracking updates. #loveitreally
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    [Technology] Hiked price for RING Doorbell plan

    Fishing? Google will provide the info you require.
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