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  1. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] FA cup 4th round, Sheffield united

    10 points? It said 15 points for this game would be attributed to your account initially what is going on here?
  2. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] joao Pedro song

    This should definitely happen
  3. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] FA Cup 4th round priority tickets

    Thank you gentlemen
  4. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] FA Cup 4th round priority tickets

    Wondering if we have any cup rules in place that rewards people that went to previous rounds of cup competitions for future rounds? Or is it purely done on the usual loyalty points system? Thinking about if we could land a thrilling 4th round tie against one of the small teams left with a tiny...
  5. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Spurs parking

    Few more P&R just gone for sale Was also 1 for the bridge earlier but sold quickly
  6. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Pyro at the Amex

    Their pyro was perfect timing Just cant see why its ok abroad and even in scotland but our rules are so strict to make stadiums as sterile as possible
  7. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Pyro at the Amex

    Makes sense. So are those blue some ones ok then as not actual flares? Even those would be great How do union bears of rangers get their whole home stand using flares?? Looks incredible
  8. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Pyro at the Amex

    If the club want noise and "allow" flares in the away end we should surely Be allowed to do it in the home end without the risk of bans and being ejected..? It creates a cracking atmosphere and sets the mood to be something quite epic. Just one flare let off from the north last night but it...
  9. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Lots of home tickets for liverpool

    Strange as this game has been sold out and exchange open for a while and only the odd ticket here and there and definitely no pairs But now there's loads of tickets available in good locations including most WSU blocks Wonder why so many have become available today
  10. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - ticketing process, tiers and all that jazz

    Thanks Bozza Only issue with overnight stay is the cost of accommodation on top! And another day off work which is an issue!!
  11. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - ticketing process, tiers and all that jazz

    As in flights? Last one home is 950pm so wouldnt make that as only be an hour from when the game ends
  12. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - ticketing process, tiers and all that jazz

    What are peoples plans for transport for this one Having not expected to get a ticket all the early bird travel deals seem to have gone Would like to have gone there and back same day if possible
  13. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Chelsea Caribou tickets

    Anyone know how many we're taking on wednesday ?
  14. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] TIFO and big flags

    Most definitely. Hate that arsenal one Forest and newcastle do it right. Liverpool too for euro nights
  15. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] TIFO and big flags

    Didnt see the big RDZ flag go across the North which was a shame Perhaps we need to up our levels a bit perhaps a decent TIFO (most teams can organise these, even palace! Look at the villa away europa game, incredible scenes) And maybe some giant flags? You can be sure newcastle put on a great...
  16. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Atmosphere

    Shame english fans and support in home games is so poor vs europe They sing together, bounce together, support continuously regardless and generally have a good time Thought we had a good few spells of noise that were coming from the north stand but it wasnt continuous and wasnt sustained when...
  17. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - Amsterdam

    Just time off work (or lack of)
  18. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - Amsterdam

    Ah-ha! The dreaded Time difference. No trains seem to leave late thursday either so it appears to go there and back on the same day the only option is via driving 7hrs each way
  19. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Ajax - Amsterdam

    What are the chances of making the 21.50 flight after the game? Game starts 5.45, ends by 7.45 and airport is very close to stadium...
  20. JonnyComeEarly

    [Albion] Flying times for Marsaille and Ajax

    Doesnt look like any eurostar back after the game that evening available now
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