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  1. Megazone

    [Albion] Another Ali J thwack!

    Typical The Argus reader!
  2. Megazone

    [News] NHS CV19 tracing app.

    I hope you're not jogging around residential streets where you're putting others at danger for non essential purposes?
  3. Megazone

    [News] NHS CV19 tracing app.

    What do you expect? This isnt a discussion board for christ sake! You must agree on what you are told. That's how this works.
  4. Megazone

    [News] NHS CV19 tracing app.

    I'm installing it to keep Bozza happy.
  5. Megazone

    [Albion] The Newcastle game — how many times ?

    Hesitation is always a yes!
  6. Megazone

    [Albion] Another Ali J thwack!

    It's a conspiracy theory? Well in that case I'll agree with the posters point then. Potter just can't admit he's wrong and there definitely is something fishy going on at the club. The Argus is controlling what you think so you can't see this!
  7. Megazone

    [Albion] What has been our best goal this week?

    Connolly vs Newcastle for me. Placed beautifully and full of composure. Ali J's screamer v Pompey was a beauty but playing the game you'll know it was more about the connection with the ball than the placement. I've scored goals which have flown into the top corner when all I was doing was...
  8. Megazone

    [Albion] Further Transfer Business

    I really can't see us avoiding the need for a striker/different option. We took apart Newcastle's defence with our current striking options and will do again against teams with a similar defensive style in the future, but when we were up against Chelsea's physically powerful and fast defence, we...
  9. Megazone

    [Albion] Another Ali J thwack!

    Fish fingers?
  10. Megazone

    [Albion] Preston North End vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I'm thinking maybe going for a member of the coaching staff just to give something new a try?
  11. Megazone

    [Albion] Another Ali J thwack!

  12. Megazone

    [Albion] Take a bow lads...

    All whilst our captain is Brighton born and bred. Great times.
  13. Megazone

    [Albion] Preston North End vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Really struggling with a stream. If anyone could help it would be massively appreciated.
  14. Megazone

    [Albion] Statue

    Gus Poyet with his hands holding up a ceiling?
  15. Megazone

    Main Coronavirus / Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    Feeling very sorry for GB right now. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for him....
  16. Megazone

    Main Coronavirus / Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    I haven't misunderstood. I was making the exact same point as what's been given to you. In town, it was crammed and the 2m social distancing wasn't being respected. Is it just masks we're doing now? i This was your counter argument to that : Oh and you must be confused. It's me you've...
  17. Megazone

    [NSC] The Bear Pit

    Like this thread?
  18. Megazone

    Main Coronavirus / Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    Guinness Boys argument : I've not noticed that in St John's Street, Bellingham Crescent or Portland Rd! :rant: