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    [Food] Amex food quality and cost

    Need to have a balanced considered opinion - cant rush that :)
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    [Food] Amex food quality and cost

    Bar the pies which I am told are nice, I am very disappointed with the steamed burger, and the literal sausage in a bread roll. Quality poor, taste wise terrible, and price wise way too expensive. Also nearly 2 quid for a small bottle of water - and no water fountains for refills. Will be eating...
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    [Albion] Chelsea vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Unless we are trying to save our GD - why not get Baldock and Goldson on for a bit of match practice?
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    [Drinking] What pub is this? Swan - Chailey
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    Two year development?plan

    With the long term signing of our great Championship defence, and having strengthened the squad bar the strikers, perhaps the plan is to not worry about relegation this year. Next year we continue to strengthen in the Championship next season with another promotion. We could then come back...
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    Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wigan Athletic *** Official Match Thread ***

    Any hint of a smile or reaction from Mr H displayed and caught on film?
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    FA CUP - Squad Opportunity or First Team ?

    yes - No edit facility it seems!
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    FA CUP - Squad Opportunity or First Team ?

    At what stage , or opposition, should the regular first team players be used?
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    Frank lampard

    Agree with you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bloody well hope......

    Perhaps Sami Hyypia could go and continue the fine work that has been done there by Alan Pardew?
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    Time for the club's senior management to look at themselves?

    tomato / tomato = sack / quit
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    Time for the club's senior management to look at themselves?

    Clearly something behind the scenes is not right. Very poor show to sack a chap who has not had a full opportunity to make the team his own. Vincent Tan step aside.....
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    INFLATABLE SEAGULL - £1.11 delivered

    look lower right - more buying via the Express goods uk.....
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    INFLATABLE SEAGULL - £1.11 delivered

    Available again: buy via the Express goods uk on the right and remember to click via the NSC link to Amazon :)
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    Inflatable seagull - £1.07 delivered

    the price is going up lol - good reviews too : Having pulled the package from the envelope, I tore at the plastic wrapping unleashing the heady fumes of sealed plastic into the tight air of my living room. Perhaps, if I realised then what I know now, I might have stopped and put the accursed...
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    Inflatable seagull - £1.07 delivered

    NEW INFLATABLE SEAGULL 76cm GREAT FOR BEACH SCENES: Toys Games Maybe good for Friday and Monday if they arrive on time?? Dont forget to use the NSC link to the product....
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    Beckham's wages at PSG will go to a local children's charity

    So perhaps he could have donated his wage to a UK charity and played in England for the last few months of his fading career - why Paris, ot has old spice had a say in it I wonder??
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    Speed camera vans Westbound on A27 after the Southwick tunnel

    Could I ask why you persist in placing a speed camera van there - I am not aware of any accidents / particular blackspot section of the road since it opened. Is it just an income generation programme - like your other favourite location along the A17 near Boundstone school layby? thanks
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    Border staff strike - should strikers be sacked ?

    is about as good a response within this thread as it gets. Not getting reeled into this, but the majority on here should keep their ignorant comments contained to BHA....
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    O/t - Iphone 3gs or something else?

    upgrading my old Iphone 3g - and thinking of the 3gs with bigger GB. Can't afford the 4 model? Is there a better phone about for a similar price to the 3gs 32gb (approx £200 new)? ta