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  1. happypig

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    The legislation is unworkable even if it gets passed (how, for example, do you replace the firefighters you were allowed to sack for striking ? Oh, you enploy recently sacked ex-firefighters), everyone knows that except the dimwits who would still vote tory (about 20%). The reason for it is that...
  2. happypig

    [News] Dog Attacks - time for licensing again?

    Dogs or f*ckwit owners ? More seriously I sat on a number of prosecutions of dangerous dogs and the one common factor in every single one was the owner saying "He's never done it before".
  3. happypig

    [Albion] Think of it less as a step closer to Wembley...

    Oh yes, and guess who said "yes, that weekend is free" having not realised that the World Cup meant the FA cup final was in bleedin' June. Fill a bottle top with my ashes and luzz it at Paul Barber after Mitoma scores the winning goal against Man United.
  4. happypig

    [Albion] Think of it less as a step closer to Wembley...

    ...and more as a step towards marital strife. 'Er indoors has us booked in for a big 60th birthday bash up country on cup-final day and I've been told my attendance is compulsory (I guess I would be as it's my birthday). I've told her we needn't have a to do about it as we aint there yet and...
  5. happypig

    [Football] Hillsborough - more police escape justice

    The difference with Hillsboro being that some of them may face prosecution. Just imagine if the security firm were allowed to have an investigation carried out by anothre security firm.
  6. happypig

    [Politics] Brexit

    1. Which countries can we trade with that we couldn't before ? 2. Albania and North Macedonia aren't EU members yet.
  7. happypig

    [Finance] Help to buy mortgages

    Thanks chaps, did your solicitor advise you of the need to get the valuation or did you already know ?
  8. happypig

    [Finance] Help to buy mortgages

    Has anyone had a "help to buy" mortgage that they've settled when moving to a new home ? If so, did your solicitor/conveyancer deal with, or give guidance on, getting an independent valuation ?
  9. happypig

    [Help] Insurance help

    Spot on. You are entitled to be put back in the position you were in before, ie a van that is (virtually) identical. My action would be to write to the person who hit you (copying in his insurers) saying that you have found a suitable replacement and you intend to sue them to recover the cost...
  10. happypig

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Can he not be both ?
  11. happypig

    [Misc] Flick Knives

    Organisations (such as bhafc) often impose their own restrictions on what you may take in which are above and beyond what is permitted in public places.
  12. happypig

    [Misc] Flick Knives

    You can carry a locking knife (or fixed blade) if you are carrying it "with good reason". It might be that you are going to your allotment, going fishing or going diving or you may be a tradesman going to work. You can have locking knives at home.
  13. happypig

    [Misc] Flick Knives

    Butterfly knives (aka balisongs) were outlawed to buy/sell/carry sometime around 1990. I always have a penknife in my pocket, usually a Swiss army knife but I have several others (all perfectly legal)
  14. happypig

    [Misc] Flick Knives

    First made illegal to buy, sell or carry in 1959. If you had one obtained before that it was still legal to have it at home. In 2019 it became illegal to even own them. Same goes for gravity knives, balisongs and a host of other obscure bladed items.
  15. happypig

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    My mum was very ill in the 1970s and I regularly had to call the doctor to come to her out of hours. I never got bounced around or told to call a generic helpline or take her to A&E; if I rang I got a doctor. If she was able to get to the surgery she could get an appointment whenever she needed...
  16. happypig

    [Music] David Crosby RIP

    Founder of the Byrds and CSN has died :-(
  17. happypig

    [Finance] What is the best or worst career decision you've ever made?

    Best decision I made was around 1999 I had the opportunities to become a manager or go on the 24 hour rota. I chose the rota and a colleague to the manager role. Over the next 20 years I worked nights and weekends but had a lot of time off in usable chunks (7 days off after a week of nights was...
  18. happypig

    [Albion] Wolves or Liverpool?

    Wolves for no other (and admittedly very petty) reason than ITV have picked the game because it's Liverpool; having to show little old Brighton v Black Country Dullards Wolves will piss them off.
  19. happypig

    [Football] Clubs you dislike

    Chelsea, Millwall, Leeds, Portsmouth (I probably hate them more than Palace)