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  1. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Dante Vanzeir (22) - Union SG

    Unfortunately I think he came from the Eden of the French league.
  2. Whitechapel

    [Football] Do you know where this is?

  3. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Buzz's Bootroom

    He named 12 things that were in the sea and only 2 of them were animals!! Even a kid could list off dolphin, shark, whale, starfish. Surely?
  4. Whitechapel

    [Football] Marc Cucurella

    Probably about his level this season.
  5. Whitechapel

    [Football] Worthing FC

    Probably not going to catch Ebbsfleet but 2nd and 3rd have a game less in the play-offs as well as a home advantage for the semi and potentially the final I believe! In much pettier reasons to dislike them - I travelled all the way to Dover in December and the game was called off. I’m in...
  6. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Matvienko

  7. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Vítor Oliveira (Vitinha)

    Nobody thinks he’s a PL quality striker. He didn’t score in the FA cup. Apart from that though, spot on!
  8. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Vítor Oliveira (Vitinha)

    Up his price when he has a buyout clause?
  9. Whitechapel

    [NSC] 'Missing' Thread

    To be fair, I am shocked that the ignore function isn’t clever enough to know when you’d want to see a specific post from somebody you ignore.
  10. Whitechapel

    [NSC] 'Missing' Thread

    In the same post I said about how I put someone on ignore on a different website. That site uses the same software as NSC, so it was a pretty educated guess. :thumbsup:
  11. Whitechapel

    [NSC] 'Missing' Thread

    We can say what we like to each other and he’ll never know. 49 is a shit number
  12. Whitechapel

    [NSC] 'Missing' Thread

    I’m guessing from the fact that THPP got thanked for suggesting the exact same thing I had in the post above is my sad way of finding out I’m ignored too. Ah well :lolol:
  13. Whitechapel

    [NSC] 'Missing' Thread

    If you’re got the OP on ignore then it won’t show up. Poor BrickTamland, what a sad way to find out you’re blocked :nono:
  14. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Moises Caicedo

    Please tell me this is true. :lolol:
  15. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Yasin Ayari

    I opened this thread, saw this post and then couldn’t remember if I’d opened the Caicedo thread or not. My heart sunk :lolol:
  16. Whitechapel

    [NSC] Remove my account and all my posts thanks

    F*ck knows, I'm glad it's not my decision. I'm guessing it's because Bozza/the mods are receiving a fair amount of complaints/reports about him which we aren't privvy too. I wouldn't have slowed him down myself, but then again I'd have probably just not checked the forum for a few days and...
  17. Whitechapel

    [NSC] Remove my account and all my posts thanks

    If you felt that way about another poster then it would be just a justified as anybody annoyed by Swansman. If enough people felt the same way I'm sure they'd be treated the same way.
  18. Whitechapel

    [NSC] Remove my account and all my posts thanks

    I deserve that. :(
  19. Whitechapel

    [NSC] Remove my account and all my posts thanks

    It's not that easy though, is it? I've never put anybody on my ignore list on NSC but on another forum I had to. The forum is a football forum for all teams, and the person I had to block was an Albion fan (and a NSC poster). They would come in to our match threads and post these massive...
  20. Whitechapel

    [Albion] Back the manager

    Is 51 your IQ?