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  1. beorhthelm

    [Albion] Is this the most positive NSC has ever been?

    it is amazing how one game can lead to a complete 180 view on the state of the team.
  2. beorhthelm

    [Albion] Going to the Amex with boisterous kids

    ignore them and sing up?
  3. beorhthelm

    [Football] Not what they thought they were buying- Ashworth and Winstanley

    wouldnt dismiss them too quickly, they may make the difference in filtering out those that the algo select, or getting a deal over the line.
  4. beorhthelm

    [Finance] Base rate increase.

    and ECB has just done the same 0.5% rise.
  5. beorhthelm

    [Finance] Base rate increase.

    basically they have to. firstly BoE job is to control inflation and if they didnt raise rates while inflation went up, every one would scream at them to raise rates. secondly the US is raising rates, so BoE need to raise to keep the £ reasonably stable. no rises and £ sinks and that would...
  6. beorhthelm

    [Offers] Improving posting standards on NSC - some suggestions

    it would be a duller place without these and other idioms.
  7. beorhthelm

    [NSC] Is this Groundhog Day?

    :jester: :lolol:
  8. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    i'm certain there was waste, there usually is, it failed its original objectives which then morphed to general testing. it just wasn't all on one app, and the public demanded action.
  9. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    i'd have through you'd know better... the test and trace budget was not blown on an app, it was the programme of thousands of people employed in call centres, thousands of pop up testing centres, millions of Covid lateral flow tests dished out for free and PCR tests processed. just because...
  10. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    other half has dealt with various unions as HR in public sector, sadly not uncommon at the low levels.
  11. beorhthelm

    [Football] Potter & £323 million of talent into a 33 man squad.

    just the one? long series of draws might have been ok for us, not going to cut it there.
  12. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    i dont know why people keep wanting to drag this up - did you want no track and trace, no PPE? it fails to understand the basics of government spending. spend £37bn on a one time event, its spent and done. it's not the same as ongoing increases, say £37bn across various pay awards, which...
  13. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    the advantage of today's industrial action is a few go on strike, enough for disruption to make thier point, while the majority show up for work. at mrs beorhthelm's school most the teachers were in, and a picket line disbanded shortly after 9.
  14. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    they should let their union know, they are pushing for an above inflation pay rise.
  15. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    that implies teachers would accept 5% if there was dedicated funding for it. i dont believe that for a moment.
  16. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    wasnt clear, i mean the other union. there's at least two, and only one voted for action. following principle of respecting the decision of the vote, the other union's members should all go in, right?
  17. beorhthelm

    [Drinking] How strong do you like YOURS?

    yes Nero is king (or emporer?) here. though surprised the article claims its only as caffinated as Starbucks. wonder if this is because cappuccino compared or Nero beans just stronger tasting?
  18. beorhthelm

    [News] School strikes

    accepting the result of a vote is a fair point. though there's members in the union that didn't vote to strike, and those that aren't in a union at all.
  19. beorhthelm

    [News] Dog Attacks - time for licensing again?

    those are minor offenses. treat the dogs actions as if they were the owner's, if your dog injures or kills someone you are up for GBH or manslaughter. we have notion of joint enterprise between people associated to an offense so its not a great stretch.
  20. beorhthelm

    [News] Dog Attacks - time for licensing again?

    there's part of the answer, the owner taking personal criminal responsibilty of the dogs actions. and that includes heavy fines for letting them shit in the street, paths and verges.