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  1. Giraffe

    [Football] Chelsea or Fulham?

    That’ll do. Chelsea can’t score. Shame.
  2. Giraffe

    [Football] Chelsea or Fulham?

    4.44pm? Blimey, kicking off early and no added on time AT ALL!! Wow.
  3. Giraffe

    [Football] Do you know where this is?

    It upsets me greatly how much countryside is around it. Take me back to a time where we didn't just build all over fields everywhere.
  4. Giraffe

    [Football] Chelsea or Fulham?

    Fulham. Frankly if we don't finish ahead of Fulham then we don't deserve Europe. But mostly because the longer it takes for Chelsea to inevitably find their form the better.
  5. Giraffe

    [NSC] @ mentions and alerts

    I shall audit forthwith!
  6. Giraffe

    [Misc] Speed awareness course

    I'm with you on this. Done a couple, maybe three, but 5-6 years ago since the last one. I think it is useful although suspect me now driving slower is more to do with my age than the course. But a few take outs that I still have in my mind. What happens if they stop suddenly in front. More paint...
  7. Giraffe

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    Less than 200 left now. Really hope they get the lower tier. Plenty of time to sell these before the game. Go for it Albion.
  8. Giraffe

    [Food] Where is the best Cheese Ploughmans in Sussex

    You're right it was an odd replacement, but I just fancied them. Lovely. @Bozza that's our next venue sorted then.
  9. Giraffe

    [NSC] @ mentions and alerts

    Can I add that I feel sorry for @sheebo I must confess to having 195 notifications that I never look at. Should I be? Have I missed something critical about Ploughmans or snow falling?
  10. Giraffe

    [Albion] Is this the most positive NSC has ever been?

    It's probably because I am on here less than I was a few years ago :unsure:
  11. Giraffe

    [Food] Where is the best Cheese Ploughmans in Sussex

    The very friendly bar lady explained " a lot of people have been asking for that, but it's not a winter dish". Their principle on this appears to over rule their desire for money. I shall be lobbying for summer to start in February in North Durrington in future. The Nachos and company were...
  12. Giraffe

    [Albion] Fixtures TBC

    Have booked a week away w/c 6th March, nailed on one of these games will be then.
  13. Giraffe

    [Albion] Fixtures TBC

    It's baffling isn't it. Very real chance we will have to squeeze four matches into a short space of time when we could have rattled off a couple of these already. Odd. Can only think someone is being difficult for reasons unknown?
  14. Giraffe

    [Misc] The Award-winning official "More Snow Tomorrow?" Thread [2022-23 Season]

    Potential for something from next Wednesday?
  15. Giraffe

    [News] Dog Attacks - time for licensing again?

    I’ve had a dog all my life. Never understood why they got rid of licenses for them. People have to be responsible for their dog and it might make a few of them think twice before taking a dog they can’t cope with.
  16. Giraffe

    [Albion] Is the top 4 really out of reach?

    On current form it is there for the taking. I'd say only Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd are not catchable. I am hopeful Newcastle may start to wane and focus on their cup final
  17. Giraffe

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    She will hopefully have other birthdays, Leeds might not be in the same league as us for much longer...
  18. Giraffe

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    Still 831 left in the top tier. I would hope we take both tiers for this game. No better time than now to see the Albion away.
  19. Giraffe

    [Albion] Safe Standing Survey...

    Interesting. Difficult questions to answer unless you are already in the North or South Stand. I'd like to see it because I think it would help the atmosphere but I think it needs to be in tandom with moving away fans. I'd make safe standing in North and South and move away fans into East...
  20. Giraffe

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    I believe the game is now fixed at 3pm on the saturday?