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  1. Igzilla

    [Albion] Roberto De Zerbi - JOINS AS NEW HEAD COACH (4 year contract)

    I am really beginning to warm to De Zerbi. After nice guys Hughton and Potter, this is exactly the sort of manager we need. One who not only has the tactics and ideas, but the fire and passion to drive his players to enact down to the last detail.
  2. Igzilla

    [Finance] Paying energy bills by direct debit - scam?

    I had a set to with EDF a month or two ago. I am a dual fuel customer and they were charging me £205 per month on DD. I got my yearly estimate from them, which, when I calculated my annual cost, came to an average of £155 per month. I got them to change it. It just bollocks about "trying to...
  3. Igzilla

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Irrespective of whether it's incompetence or not (it probably is), it gives NATO a huge window of opportunity to take further action, should they wish to do so. I'm sure Putin will be watching closely to see if NATO do respond (given that a NATO state has just been attacked, technically).
  4. Igzilla

    [Politics] US mid-terms

  5. Igzilla

    [Albion] To Avoid De Zerbi Bashing - The Staying Up Tracker - season 2022-23 Game 19 Update - 15 OVER

    It's just crazy to think we're already at the beginning of February in terms of staying up...
  6. Igzilla

    [Football] RIP Ceefax October 2012

    One particular day we held my birthday party at the in-laws on a Saturday. My F-i-L sat and watched the cricket on Ceefax most of the afternoon in a silent protest.
  7. Igzilla

    [Albion] Will you be booing Potter and Chelsea on Saturday?

    To the tune of "he's got the whole world..." Chelsea can't do it on their own I said Chelsea can't do it on their own I said Chelsea can't do it on their own Are they Brighton in disguise We've got the best owner in the world etc We've got Mr Tony Bloom We've got (Ally Mac/Caciedo/any other...
  8. Igzilla

    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Not sure if the SNP voted, as it was an England only issue.
  9. Igzilla

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Thought this was a very good analysis of the threat from Belarus. tl:dr it's a bluff, Belarus has handed over a load of tanks to Russia and the border between Belarus and Ukraine is mainly impassable marsh and Ukraine have got the only militarily useful routes secured. It would be suicide for...
  10. Igzilla

    [Albion] Brentford vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I'm hoping we'll see a real development of De Zerbi's footballing philosophy tonight. He's had another week, and going by the press conference, he's driven the squad hard in that time, so fingers crossed they aren't too knackered and have had enough Pottertime experinence to be able to absorb...
  11. Igzilla

    [Albion] Di Zerbi sinking?

    I thought it was more along the lines of "in at the deep end".
  12. Igzilla

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    I doubt anyone has a solid forecast of how it will all end. But his point remains valid: Wagner and Chechen militia (and possibly the Russian Army, eventually) withholding their best troops from the war in Ukraine with an eye to potential gain within Russia itself when it all unravels. EDIT: I...