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    [Food] Restaurant thread 2023

    The Sportsman, Seasalter Went back here weekend before last didn't I. I thought it was VERY GOOD. Everything was bang on and the service was as you'd want. The snacks mentioned on the menu were a duck liver thing, a pork belly with smoked cod roe thing and some whipped cheese on a bsicuit...
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    [News] School strikes

    Teachers eh? Not my fault if they aren’t living to their means. Can’t they just ask their distant cousins to back them for 800 thousand quid like the rest of us?
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    [Albion] Seriously ???? Lamptey to Wolves on loan?

    We’ve improved beyond Lamptey and our style no longer suits him. Loan seems sensible especially if there’s an obligation.
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    [Albion] Premier League 18-19/1/23

    Need United to keep winning and go on to win the League Cup and Spurs to lose this one. All about maximising European places.
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    [Politics] Brexit

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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition
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    [Music] The Live Music thread
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    [Football] Mudryk and his 8.5 years

    I mean, we're all hoping he does his hammy early doors aren't we.
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    Official Running Thread

    Marathon training week 5. Been quite dispiriting with the weather recently but hey ho, haven't missed a run yet even in those really wet days a couple of weeks back. Out later for 4 freezing cold miles. Had a trundle round Whistable Parkrun on Saturday on what was meant to be an easy run but as...
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    No IPL contract for Garton and hopefully his fitness issues may be behind him. Could be a big player this year and another good batter. What does the side look like? Haines Orr Clarke Smith Pujara Alsop Carter Garton/Ibrahim Robinson/Atkins/Karvelas Carson/Crocombe Archer/Hunt
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    [Politics] Brexit
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Thought a new thread was probably in order. So, we seem to have lost the Jayden Seales (West Indian overseas quick) to knee injury. Smith comes in to replace him. We might get...
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC- 2022 Season Edition
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    [Albion] Big Dan Burn

    Would you really trust Dan Burn to play in the style De Zerbi is asking of Colwill?
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    [Politics] Do we need a General Strike?

    That's gone well then.
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    [Brighton] Western Road Redevelopment

    That Montpelier Road/Montpelier Terrace junction is bad enough with just cars there. They need to stick some double red lines around the area for the duration and change the signalling so buses aren't having to wait for traffic coming south down Montpelier Road, to turn into to Montpelier Terrace.
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    [Albion] We are currently experiencing the greatest Albion team of all time
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    [Albion] U21s v Palace 4pm today

    The wind looks like it’s causing problems.
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    [Food] January Restaurant Deals

    Moshimo Members + 1 get half price food Monday - Friday (lunchtime only on Friday) through January and February (sometime March too). Membership 24 quid per year. Can do a good meal for two for 40 quid plus booze. Half price deal available every Monday and Tuesday through the year.