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  1. Mr Banana

    [Music] Music, you think best describes an Albion player.

    Spend most matches watching Mitoma with this going round my noggin
  2. Mr Banana

    [Football] WSL: Chelsea v Liverpool is called off after six minutes due to frozen pitch

    The referee wasn’t actually Paul Howard, although he was listed as the official. Don’t think the FA have clarified whether his replacement - Neil Hair, whose name I reckon is out of a Half Man Half Biscuit lyric - made the original decision to call the game on. Emma Hayes knows quite a lot...
  3. Mr Banana

    [Football] Handbags at arse vs Spurs

    No problem with it - wish there was more of it - but football isn't completely different to anywhere else if you're going to be a bellend. It's not excusable from the fan but if you give it large to thousands of people at a derby in the way he did to the North Stand, which was more than the...
  4. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Jens Scheuer appointed new women's team head coach

    Clutching at straws a bit as they lost three games by an aggregate of 13-0 after he was appointed, but Willie Kirk, Leicester's new manager, is quite good.
  5. Mr Banana

    [Music] Electronic/Dance Music

    Acid from Aberdeen Campness from California
  6. Mr Banana

    [Football] Middlesbrough Travel

    BHASC are still offering coach bookings here. Service is great, they're absolute smashers.
  7. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Palace away tickets

    I imagine this may not be revelatory to anyone who's less of a halfwit than me but I've just discovered that the 'best available' option is the best way to nab one. Still find the stadium plan zooming a bit web 1.0 and the saved card option has never worked for me.
  8. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Carabao Cup Fourth Round: Charlton - 3rd allocation of tickets

    Shame to see 'nonetheless' and 'almost one thousand' - a throwback worthy of that pre-prepared statement after the Champions League final fiasco - miss out on their hat-trick balls there, but more than made up for by 'six-windowed'. The exact phrase 'six-windowed' has fewer than 4,000 results...
  9. Mr Banana

    [Football] Bob Booker & . . . Bradley Walsh.

    You can read about it in Bob's autobiography. Excellent Christmas/Chanukah present notable for the superb editing job done on it etc etc
  10. Mr Banana

    [Albion] As you get older

    Age doesn’t help but nor did trudging around watching England being shite for most of this year. For all their riches and imbecillic indiscretions, the players are as likeable as squads in classic tournaments. But it’s hard not to become indifferent after not being able to go this time, because...
  11. Mr Banana

    [Football] Southgate - go or stay?

    Go - and sounds like he will, from that interview. The World Cup clearly gave us an injection of belief but he’s had a terrible calendar year and Wales was an outlier in terms of him changing a game. The Euro qualifiers could get ugly. There was talk in the stands of Tuchel being brought in...
  12. Mr Banana

    [Misc] Can you spare a quid?

    Done, well played and all the best
  13. Mr Banana

    [Misc] Mental health and Christmas - 2022

    Have the same problem. The trouble is that knowing anxiety is basically killing me exacerbates the anxiety. I can see that exercise, meditation and dropping the booze would help. The issue with the latter is that I've been snaffling the weekly units of a Slavic vodka hound for the last 20 years...
  14. Mr Banana

    [Music] The Live Music thread

    At the extreme risk of sounding like even more of a dick than I am, they make me think about being better creatively, which is not something many bands do. Think there is a lot more to come from them and they are already an important band. See they are mates with Confidence Man – would be great...
  15. Mr Banana

    [Football] World Cup - Day Six

    Love Noppert but he’s been a backup almost his whole career. It’s like if Steele suddenly became England number one, except more unlikely. He was great last season but isn’t really proven, even domestically. Pasveer and Bijlow are also practically new at international level but they’ve played...
  16. Mr Banana

    [Football] World (Tainted) Cup Bets....

    Won about a tenner on the old scored/missed penalties for both teams. Would have been a lot more if one had missed.
  17. Mr Banana

    [Football] World Cup Betting/Tips/Advice

    Going to go for scored/missed penalties in most games, as it worked well in 2018. Disclaimer that I’m thick as shit, if anyone knows better
  18. Mr Banana

    [Football] Next manager to get the push?

    Athletic parodying themselves even more than usual. Southampton "have decided to sack Hasenhuttl and could make the decision before" etc etc
  19. Mr Banana

    [Albion] Brighton's women's team - what's going on

    Couldn't follow the Spurs game but seen them a few times this season and have always been impressed. This has been coming, from the performances I saw. Terland should have had a few by now – almost put us ahead against Arsenal (even though we'd had a sending off) and Chelsea. Hope is a class...
  20. Mr Banana

    [Travel] Anyone been to Athens?

    Panathenaic Stadium - first marble stadium in the world, hundreds of years old. You can walk around it for views and there’s a museum next door. Inexarchia - - bit like the North Laine, street art/cafes/parks/creativity Lycabettus Hill - big old walk up to the top of a...