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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    The interest rates averaged 7.5% in the 70s peaking at 12.5% in 1979 ( we all know who was in power then) then after 10 years of Tory government they went silly 91 ish ?
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    [Albion] Crystal Palace v Manchester United - what do you want?

    I agree with most of what you say, but here in north West Sussex there are plenty of palace and Brighton fans that mingle day to day….we all seem to get along as well :) As you say the “ fake hatred” which was about two managers and not clubs does seem a bit silly too all but a few wannabe...
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    [Music] Oh no, Ken Bruce quits Radio 2!

    Have you tried Times radio ? No music but some interesting chat. For me Radio 4 or radio 6 then LBC or Times radio. Radio two apart from Ken is not for me TBF, but then again it hasn’t been for many years
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    [Football] Clubs you dislike

    Well I quite like Palace :) Chelsea with a passion, a hatred going back to the early 70s when everyone thought of them as the swinging team of stars. Then in the mid 70s the racist NF boot boys who booed there own players and stood outside grounds selling the YNF “ newspaper” to children. Then...
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    [Football] Croydon Shitehawks?

    Apart from Selhurst park is in south Norwood and not Croydon ! I lived in south Norwood and went shopping in Croydon, a bit like living in Falmer and going shopping in Brighton….although close not the same place.
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    [Music] Maxi Jazz has died

    More than just a fan I think he was an associate director or something…. A terrible week for music 😢
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    [Music] Nik Turner RIP

    Never saw him with Hawkwind but saw him a few times with Inner city unit as they supported the Damned for a while. 82 is a good knock for someone with his lifestyle.
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    [Football] Zaha watch 2022 - *** Will the SEGW finally manage to escape? ***

    I don’t think it’s all of a sudden, it’s not a rivalry , I can have a chat about football with Brighton, Millwall or a Charlton fan but as soon as someone says “ I am a Chelsea fan” I really can’t be bothered to talk football with them. At 58 I can remember the thuggery of Chelsea fans, Chelsea...
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    [Football] Premier league table

    That surprised me as Palace have played, Man City, Liverpool, Newcastle away and Chelsea and Arsenal at home, all a bit tricky.
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    [Football] Zaha watch 2022 - *** Will the SEGW finally manage to escape? ***

    Would be great if they both captained a joint testimonial when they hang their boots up, because as you say they do get the rivalry, it would also show that it’s a football rivalry and not a personal one, I mean not liking someone because of the football team they support is just silly ( unless...
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    [Football] Zaha watch 2022 - *** Will the SEGW finally manage to escape? ***

    I don’t agree with the “meh” career TBH, I would say any professional footballer who has spent 10 yeas playing in the what a lot of people say is the best league in the world is a pretty good career, several player of the season , FA cup runner up medal, play off medal 2 England caps 30 Ivory...
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    [Albion] 'Brighton are sh*t ... aren't they mate'

    The only game of the season I want Brighton to win. In my experience if there is a complete dick in a pub mouthing off about football and how shit every other club are I will bet myself it’s a Chelsea fan…and I am most of the time correct. These really is nothing nice about the club or there fans.
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    [Albion] Happy 65th birthday Attilla The Stockbroker

    Happy birthday from us palace ( old ) punks, see you at Glastonwick.
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Sir Keith Joseph smiles and a baby dies in a box on Beasley street…
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Yes I agree, backed the sensible loser ( who he knew would lose ) now strutting around the media and conference talking to one and all.
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    [Football] 2022/2023 Relegation Thread - October's views & votes

    They haven’t really played anyone yet, that’s the problem. Leeds,Fulham,spurs, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Southampton next two games are Liverpool and Man City. You would have hoped for more than 6 points from that lot.
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    [Football] 2022/2023 Relegation Thread - October's views & votes

    On my relegation table I had palace having 6 points on 7 games. Losing to Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea, but a draw against Liverpool and Newcastle away was a bonus 2 points but drawing at home to Brentford was a minus 2 points, so pretty much as expected. It was quite a brutal first 7 games for...
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    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    His older than me, and I can remember by mal coming to palace in 73, and the fedora was just for the cup run in 76….perhaps it’s because I am a left wing football nerd and not racist and right wing cxxt ?
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    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    I thought this was well known anyway ? Although I would say not a real follower, neither Don Rogers or big mail were at palace in the time stated. “My earliest memories of football are being taken, I suppose 1969 or 1970, to watch Crystal Palace play. “Malcolm Allison, with the big fedoras...