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  1. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Positives from Today (Burnley)

    It wasn't Lallana’s best day yesterday, but to lump the two of them together like this is a nonsense. We play better as a side generally when Lallana plays. Twice very recently (Fulham and Sheffield U) we’ve dominated matches until he’s gone off, and then surrendered the initiative. No...
  2. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Sima

    He’s the top scorer in that pub league though. The league might well offer up a lot of goal scoring opportunities, but he’s putting them away more regularly than anyone else - and there ARE some good players amongst them.
  3. hans kraay fan club

    [Brighton] Whatever Has Happened to Imperial Arcade?

    That’s unfair. If we’re reminiscing about our time as kids, it was allowed to be his favourite. At that time!
  4. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Best ever Calendar Year as an Albion Fan ?

    Plenty of truth in this. Objectively this really has to be the pinnacle, but the Nelson / Bremner promotion season will in SOME respects never be beaten for me, personally.
  5. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    They’re really not very happy, are they? I think the ultras are going to have to write a terribly earnest, self-important letter to the players ahead of our game. Again.
  6. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Injuries

    It was a live text page, updating across all of the PL managers’ press conferences. I can’t find the page now. There were three entries relating to RDZs conference soon after 3pm. The line about Buonanotte was in the first of these.
  7. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    To be fair, Hinshelwood, Baleba, Buonanotte and Ferguson ARE U21s!
  8. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] did anyone else think the Brentford Pen was out the area?

    Maupay is encroaching there, but they wouldn’t check it, and really don’t care, UNLESS he becomes active in the play. If (unlikely I know, but let’s pretend) Steele saved the penalty, and Maupay tucked away the rebound - then they’d check it - and on noting he’d encroached, the goal would be...
  9. hans kraay fan club

    [Brighton] Whatever Has Happened to Imperial Arcade?

    And Viennese mince pies :love:
  10. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    yep. Right wing is the most interesting one. Adingra REALLY looks like he needs a rest, but with no March / Fati / Enciso / Buonanotte there’s a lack of obvious replacements. i wouldn’t be shocked to see Baker-Boaty-McBoatface start.
  11. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    I agree. My guess is Igor.
  12. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    Igor was comfortably better than he was on Wednesday, and is left footed.
  13. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    Buonanotte apparently unavailable
  14. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Goals in 2023

  15. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Goals in 2023

    You can't.... (It wasn't in 2023)
  16. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Team for Burnley game

    Unless I've missed it, we've surprisingly not done this have we? I'll guess at: .............................................Vergbruggen Veltman-----------Dunk.............Igor......................Hinshelwood ....................................Dahoud........Groß...
  17. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Question re Europa Qualification - Group Stage

    Indeed. But what if we come second in the group, and Lose the play-off. Do we drop into the JPT / Bristol Street Motors Trophy?
  18. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Injuries

    The BBC live text round up of the PL pressers also lists Buonanotte as unavailable.
  19. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] Goals in 2023

    The two Enciso rockets were special, but so were the mazy dribbles from Mitoma and Adingra. Absolute best for me, is Groß at Old Trafford - it involved every outfield player in a brilliant 30-odd pass move, and finished beautifully by Pascal, after a sensational swivel of the hips sat the last...
  20. hans kraay fan club

    [Albion] 12

    The truth is somewhere in between. Kompany started the season trying to play the football that won the Championship, and playing all of his exotic new signings. None of the 'legacy' Dyche players featured in his early starting line ups. A few drubbings later, and now Charlie Taylor, Josh...
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