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  1. BNthree

    [Albion] Membership and sharing tickets (sorry)

    No QR codes on the 3 match pack tickets so can’t screenshot them
  2. BNthree

    [Albion] the "assistance" priority train ramp post-match

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment that the stewards shouldn’t be making the judgement what about visiting fans? They won’t be registered with the Albion.
  3. BNthree

    [Albion] Positives from Today (Burnley)

    Not sure we can wait until next season!
  4. BNthree

    [Albion] Positives from Today (Burnley)

    Thank god it was savoury chicken and not a sweet chicken pie.
  5. BNthree

    [Albion] Positives from Today (Burnley)

    It wasn’t raining. Thats about it.
  6. BNthree

    [Albion] Trafford. Best goalie performance at Amex ?

    Pope usually has a brilliant game against us.
  7. BNthree

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Burnley *** Official Match Thread ***

    I had said there should be a lot more there today than Wednesday but given this weather and train woes I’m now doubting that.
  8. BNthree

    [Albion] Membership and sharing tickets (sorry)

    Open wallet, get season ticket up, press the 3 dots in top right corner, select “pass details”. Scroll down and there is the qr code. Take a screen shot (power button and top volume button at same time) and bingo!
  9. BNthree

    [Albion] Membership and sharing tickets (sorry)

    I’m pretty certain u18 and +65 both light up blue. Adult is green and no idea for u21.
  10. BNthree

    [Albion] Membership and sharing tickets (sorry)

    This is the best advice on the thread. @Oh_aye is your dad’s ticket on your phone by any chance?
  11. BNthree

    [Albion] Membership and sharing tickets (sorry)

    Concessions (under 18s & over 65s) light up the same colour.
  12. BNthree

    [Albion] Back in the days before the internet

    Your photo shows a URL on the screen: :ROFLMAO:
  13. BNthree

    [Brighton] Whatever Has Happened to Imperial Arcade?

    Forfars moved out years ago, long before covid. Arcadia shut during covid lockdowns I think. It's hard times for small independent retailers these days. Most high streets just seem to be coffee shops, bookies and charity shops these days.
  14. BNthree

    [Albion] Another ticket not updating thread

    Reboot the phone too (full power off and then power on) for anyone having similar issues.
  15. BNthree

    [Albion] Trains for the Burnley game on Saturday

    On Wednesday before the match if you weren't in the first tranche of buses leaving the site there was a long queue and wait. The buses all got snarled up in traffic on A27.
  16. BNthree

    [Albion] Trains for the Burnley game on Saturday

    It's a mixed use cycle and pedestrian path!
  17. BNthree

    [Albion] Burnley Parking

    Some additional EDF spaces have popped up:
  18. BNthree

    [Albion] 12

    8 for similar reasons though I did go on Wednesday. I just can't get *that* excited for a football match involving Burnley.
  19. BNthree

    [Albion] Falmer bar uni

    😆 student life is rather different these days.
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