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    Will the next World Cup happen in South Africa?

    If its not awarded then you just perpetuate the status quo. Germany made obscene amounts of money from the World Cup ( and i can vouch it was fantastic) and simply awarding it to another already wealthy nation is of no benefit to the World game The income will benefit South Africa to enable...
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    Jarvis Cocker

    PULPINTRO a collection of the EP's around the Babies era. Pulp at their best. Some of the B-sides, 'Street lights' in particular on 'Do you remember the First Time' 12" are superb. Pulptastic
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    From the Argus - One to cheer Looney up

    oops, not 8% but 4.5, still is this achievable?
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    From the Argus - One to cheer Looney up

    Brighton and Hove has a young, dynamic and well-educated resident population. One third of all local residents are aged 25-44 years – the most economically dynamic section of the population. The city retains a high proportion of its graduates once they have left university. This, and the...
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    Uncle Spielberg's Film Club

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    Lunch Today

    i am feeling hot sick at the moment i'll go for the cider
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    Lunch Today

    Bacon, Brie and Red Onion Jam on Granary Quavers Hot Chocolate Snorted
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    Have you changed your opinion about our chances of staying up?

    Defo If anyone saw their game against Watford we could beat the Saints and make their last few weeks uncomfortable in the league
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    Interesting, Christians tollerated in Muslen countries ? Not always

    this is about fabric right?
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    Favourite Band

    yeah announced in late Jan Gutted. There should be some solo stuff to look forward to. 'good luck'
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    Favourite Band

    Grandaddy RIP :(
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    The Budgie

    Stamp duty rise of 5K ( it was £120k right?), that's really helpful!! Inheritance tax slightly better but introduced over 4 years i think 50K extra won't make a great deal of difference to the Daily Mail readers out there!
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    The Streets

    Weak become Heros is an excellent track that encapsulates what is was like to be a part of Dance culture. OPM was a great Debut and GDCFF was slightly more a concept album, not heard any of the new album yet but i did think the new song was poor. IMHO!
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    George Best Question

    I'm shocked how many games he played 450+ for Utd 150+ in the American soccer league plus Fulham and Bournemouth (?)
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    George best deserved to die

    At least 30 people were killed and 27 wounded when a car bomb exploded outside a hospital in a town south of Baghdad, officials say. The bomb was detonated as two Iraqi police cars drew up near the general hospital in Mahmudiya, about 20km (12 miles) outside Baghdad. A US military convoy...
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    5pm deadline has passed...

    Damien Hilton
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    10 mins to go!!

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    He couldN'T do a job!

    Damien Hilton
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    Darius Henderson

    Now if the shitefield was to be sold i wonder who the pikeys could share with? Nice little earner :thumbsup:
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    Empty seats at Palace game

    01273 776992 give em a tinkle :thumbsup:
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