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  1. Worthingite

    [Finance] Autumn Statement

    I saw this a few months ago on Twitter/X and it chilled me to think that all of this is VERY plausible.
  2. Worthingite

    Colourful characters

    100% That's not Naughty Boy.Would love to know how/where he is right now though, but he was significantly older than this chap, even back then - probably in his late 40's in the early 2000's. NB used to come into the computer shop where I worked, "sorry to bother you" in his sing song voice...
  3. Worthingite

    BBC iPlayer Recommendations?

    Watched all four episodes of the Sixth Commandment last night - a true story about the Maid Morton murders. Timothy Spall is incredible in it.
  4. Worthingite

    [News] Royal Albion hotel on fire, again.

    Our work had an "awayday" in Brighton a few weeks back - PI wanted nearly £300 a night per person without breakfast - We ended up at the Ship in the end (actually not as bad as it used to be!) Back on topic, gutted for the staff of the Albion, and for the city, it was a landmark and a half -...
  5. Worthingite

    [Albion] Remember when Leon Knight posted on here…?

    I'd completely forgotten about this. Leon Knight, he's alright!
  6. Worthingite

    [Finance] What is 'rich' in 2023?

    This is really interesting, as me and my partner are moving up north in a few weeks. We've made the decision because we have been priced out of Sussex - Our landlord is selling up so we're moving out of a 1 bed flat, however, we needed to upgrade to at least a two bed given the amount of tat we...
  7. Worthingite

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Aston Villa *** Official Match Thread ***

    Dunk's been at fault for both of those goals, but what in god's name was Sanchez doing?
  8. Worthingite

    [Albion] Will you be booing Potter and Chelsea on Saturday?

    I'm bored of the whole booing Potter nonsense - We may not agree, but I believe we wouldn't be where we are without Potter, and although the timing and the move stung like hell, a section of our fanbase are coming off like bitter exes - we're so much better than that. Good luck to him - he's...
  9. Worthingite

    [Football] England World Cup Squad - Who would you take?

    GK: Pickford GK: Ramsdale GK: Henderson RB: Walker RB: Livramento LB: Justin LB: Shaw CB: White CB: Stones CB: Dunk CB: Tomori CB: Maguire (begrudgingly) MID: Rice MID: Bellingham MID: Ward Prowse MID: Smith-Rowe MID: Maddison MID: Mount MID: Foden MID: Barnes FWD: Kane FWD: Sterling FWD...
  10. Worthingite

    [Albion] Next Brighton manager

    I'm honestly baffled by why so many of you have a hard on for Kjetil Knutsen. He has no experience in managing at a higher level than the Danish Superleague, admittedly had a great result against Roma last year, but every so often an anomaly like that will happen. Can't we just go out and get a...
  11. Worthingite

    [Albion] Who'd be your top choice as our next manager out of the bookies list?

    My personal hope is Dominc Tedesco - Young, ambitious, managed in the CL, and likes a project. Played similar football at Leipzig. He'd take us forward.
  12. Worthingite

    [Football] Free agents

    I've noticed Dan Axel Zagadou is also available - would take him in an instant, GP and Dunky would be a great influence on him
  13. Worthingite

    [Albion] Martin Braithwaite again?

    Maybe it's time to realise that he's not the star he thought he was. Perhaps becoming part of something bigger would be the making of him - obviously completely unrealistc I know, but the lack of news coming out today is making me itch :D
  14. Worthingite

    [Albion] Martin Braithwaite again?

    They're also looking to terminate Memphis Depay as well - I'd have him in a heartbeat - could do for us what the Erkisen deal did for him and Brentford last season.
  15. Worthingite

    [Finance] The Mortgage Market 2022

    Gareth is amazing - he helped us look for a mortgage a number of years ago, and although a change in circumstances meant that we couldn't proceed, he was so thorough. We'll be looking again in the new year and he'll be the first number I ring.
  16. Worthingite

    [News] Energy bills to top £4200 at the start of next year

    They will have pulled it because it simply isn't cost effective to run it. I can't see them collapsing in the slightest, the ruin that will cause the energy industry in this country would be collossal - They run supply side as well residental offerings so if they went tits up over here it would...
  17. Worthingite

    [Finance] The Mortgage Market 2022

    You mean the rental trap that you happily enable your tenants to get into with a BTL?
  18. Worthingite

    [Misc] Do you have any lines you don't cross, period? (Principles)

    I would never kinkshame :lolol: But I agree with the others wholeheartedly! Never leave an injured animal to die on it's own. Never leave anyone feeling lost or upset because of my behaviour.
  19. Worthingite

    [News] Energy bills to top £4200 at the start of next year

    I work in the industry. It's brown trousers time for EVERYONE. I know what's coming down the road, and this is the tip of the iceburg. We're farked.
  20. Worthingite

    [Finance] Don't Pay - Energy Bill Strike Movement

    Only, that's illegal. Energy suppliers are not allowed to disconnect residential customers. What they CAN do is force a warrant to have a SMETS2 Smart meter installation, then switch you to a prepayment service, meaning that you have to top up to receive energy. That way, if you choose not to...
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