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  1. Lady Bracknell

    [Football] 6 years ago RIP ED

    What kind words. It means such a lot to me that he's still so well remembered and thought of 6 years on. I'm fine and happily now living with my dog Kit in the centre of Lewes. Ed is always in my heart.
  2. Lady Bracknell

    [NSC] Remembering Lord Bracknell

    Thank you. . Your words and thoughts mean such a lot to me and the family. Looking forwards to seeing some of you next season when we can raise a glass to my lovely Ed.
  3. Lady Bracknell

    Memorial Tile for Ed Bassford (Lord Bracknell)

    Thank you so much for sponsoring Lord B's Memorial Tile. It means a great deal to all of us. Hopefully, I'll be back at the Amex again next season so can get the chance to say thank you for all the many kind words and tributes received since Ed died last July. In the meantime, here's a picture...
  4. Lady Bracknell


    The family and I are overwhelmed by the kindness and support shown to us after Ed's recent death. So many wonderful messages, so many lovely people who turned out to bid him farewell at the funeral and so much love shown to us. The NSC thread is just wonderful and that NSC shut down in his...
  5. Lady Bracknell

    Ed Bassford - Lord Bracknell

    Thanks again for lovely words. Much looking forwards to seeing those of you who can make it. What would be lovely is that if any of you have any pictures of Ed that you'd like to share, you could email them to me - - so that we can print them out and make a display board...
  6. Lady Bracknell

    Ed Bassford - Lord Bracknell

    Ed/Lord B - Funeral Arrangements Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes which have really cheered us at this sad time. Ed's funeral will be at 2pm on Friday 4th August in Firle Church. The family would love to see everyone there - no dress code, and no formal flowers, please, but...
  7. Lady Bracknell

    Careful if taking photos of public buildings in Sussex

    So, you think it is just fine when a '2 bob journo' can't go about his business without being harassed. How about the next stage down the line when you discover that you've got no right to move around innocently without heavy-handed police intervention? Because that's what's going to happen if...
  8. Lady Bracknell

    Hereford away Pics

    My favourite picture from that never to be forgotten day. Some of those pictured have children of their own now!
  9. Lady Bracknell

    More sad news

    Very sad news. His principles were of the highest and he was an absolute gentleman.
  10. Lady Bracknell

    Paul Whelch RIP

    A rather poignant picture taken at the launch of 'We Want Falmer' on 15th December 2011. Paul, as always, was never one to be in the front row of a group photograph despite how invaluable he'd been to the Falmer cause.
  11. Lady Bracknell

    Paul Whelch RIP

    Paul will be sadly missed. He was a quiet hero who worked tirelessly for the cause and the club that he loved.
  12. Lady Bracknell


    Direct him to my picture galleries. I covered the Falmer campaign extensively.
  13. Lady Bracknell

    The Great English Breakfast: Select your FIVE must-have items + one condiment

    Any fule kno that breakfast is not complete without: Bacon - unsmoked and crispy Eggs - fried Grilled tomatoes - always real ones, never tinned Fried bread - white sliced Mushrooms Does salt count as a condiment for these purposes? Because any sort of sauce is WRONG.
  14. Lady Bracknell

    Online ticket buying confusion

    Don't sit by the computer holding your breath though. It took NINE HOURS for the first of our "print at home" tickets to come through. Having finally - after 2 hours on the phone and 45 minutes wrangling with the website - managed to buy the second of our 2 tickets, we're not expecting the...
  15. Lady Bracknell

    Online ticket buying confusion

    We've actually got other stuff to do this weekend. Like pre-booked going places stuff. So have very little spare time to try and work through what should be a simple system. Right now I'm seriously considering baling out so that at least Lord B gets the chance to see this game. Which, given the...
  16. Lady Bracknell

    Online ticket buying confusion

    I think we can say with absolutely confidence, that there's likely to be "issues" if our seats get assigned to Arsenal fans. What with being in the North Stand and all....
  17. Lady Bracknell

    Online ticket buying confusion

    I'm not feeling tolerant. Most of the afternoon now ****ed up in an unsuccessful attempt to achieve what should have been a simple transaction. Plans to do something else now cancelled too. Yet all we wanted was to buy 2 tickets. It's not so difficult, is it, for a football club to be able to...
  18. Lady Bracknell

    Lewes Bonfire guidelines. Ridiculous

    South Street is my main society. Firle is for when I am in Firle! :wink: As for Lord B, he will also be in the colours of a Lewes bonfire society on Wednesday. Depending on how cold it is, he may wear several sets of said colours, mind.
  19. Lady Bracknell

    Lewes Bonfire guidelines. Ridiculous

    Forlorn Hope. We're South Street's Second Pioneer (English Civil War) drum corps.
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