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    Rivaldo retires aged 41

    Great player apart from said incident, was someone i admired growing up and bit surprised still going a bit like Romario was still playing well into his 40s! :)
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    Like braders, I also have aspergers/ mild autism! I am 26 got my own flat, however job front not much luck and for time being help out (non paid voulenteering a few hours a week) a local charity shop occasionly (currently want to make use of Business Admin qualification but not much luck, tend...
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    Save PAFC - Go green for Leeds game?

    True. Lol
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    Save PAFC - Go green for Leeds game?

    Sounds a good idea, but as others here say dont overdo it (eg Not too much Arygle chants, where it becomes Plymouth home game in Sussex tongue). I will most likely get a Plymouth scarf as not fond of green and black away shirt (but people welcome to wear it.)
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    Strange/stupid names for kids

    Ms Paltrow and Chris Martin naming their child Apple!
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    Whatever happened to ScottyMac and Co?

    Well as Gaswag points out I dont post much here. I still read this site now and again. Now I had heard something vaguely and was just curious that was all!
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    Whatever happened to ScottyMac and Co?

    Oh why is it not on Moderating Decisions board? has someone been a bit slow sticking it on?
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    Whatever happened to ScottyMac and Co?

    I have not seen them post here for a while?
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    Peter Ward at the Standard Pub last night

    What a night, it was! :) Esp 40 blokes cheering for Peter Ward! haha :) Stuff I have never seen in my life. Great weekend all round.
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    Evan Warren RIP

    RIP Evan sad news.
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    Mid Sussex Seagulls

    Thats kool would love to come as an observer, get some ideas and meet other like minded fans and Hebberd! Will certainly come weather permitting. :)
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    Mid Sussex Seagulls

    Great to hear this news of supporters clubs forming in Burwash, Haywards Heath, and Horsham. Since the summer me and wehatepalace (dave) along with a few other Seagulls in Crawley and East Grinstead, have discussed forming a independant Crawley/ North Sussex Seagulls supporters club. We are...
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    Woking Manager

    In pre penalty interview he said 'we will close our eyes and hope for the best'. They did just that. Other than that he was a gentleman and a credit to Woking!
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    Anywhere in Haywards Heath with ESPN?

    Just rung Orange Square up and they will be showing the match on ESPN tomorrow! :)
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    Norman Wisdom RIP (Merged)

    RIP Sir Norman Wisdom great funny man and Albion legend. I do know his sons shop!
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    Your Worst Albion Away Day

    Leyton Orient Slades first game 2009!
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    Question of the day: Are you Religious?

    I would say I am a combination of lay Anglican Bahai with a bit of Spinoza! I voted uncertain!
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    US Open tennis official thread

    I see the Wozinacki fans have gone quiet. Maybe possibly because Znonareva stunned her breaking their hearts!:lolol: Clijsters Williams sounds a thriller gone to final set!!!
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    Crawley or Eastbourne?

    A common misunderstanding, Crawley FC did not mind us sharing at the Broadfield, but it was just the council that did not support it. PS We also nearly ended up at the Broadfield 5 years ago, if the Withdean thing had not been extended with council and club being supportive that occasion. As...
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    Lewes FC next Saturday rather than Crawley

    I think this love Lewes screw other Sussex non league clubs from some people has gone on for a little bit too long now. :D Yes its a nice little ground, friendly atmosphere have hosted REMF but so has Southwick! But surely Crawley and Eastbourne Borough (The Sports doing really well within...
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