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  1. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Oh no! NO, NO, NOOO!….

    I'm gonna cut AR some slack and assume he's reading it more out of amusement/ironic enjoyment than anything.
  2. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**

    It wasn't so much the finish for me but the purposefully heavy first touch to burst past the Ajax defender into the space from which to stick it away with such efficiency. Awesome. EDIT: I've been beaten to it. :lolol:
  3. We're the Stripes

    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Still very much feels like the only way Dunk gets a game is as a straight alternative to Maguire - with the younger, more athletic partner alongside in Colwill/Guehi/Tomori. And we all know how that usually transpires in competitive fixtures. But very glad to see him in the squad again of course!
  4. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Sean Dyche pre-Albion press conference

    The fact we've avoided relegation in all that time, for a club with our resources, suggests we've gotten more of the big decisions right, than wrong.
  5. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Premier League investors hold 'informal discussions' to end 3pm blackout

    That's the crux of it really - and why I agree that a trial period might be a good idea. How many of those who attend local lower/non-league games do so because they can't watch their "main" team on telly vs how many go because that's the only team they support and/or enjoy the overall...
  6. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    Not only playing (for now 9 successive seasons in a top 5 league), but recording some of the most impressive chance creation stats in said leagues, and of course scoring some iconic and hugely important goals in his time here - many of them against Man United (not as relevant a detail maybe but...
  7. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Barca ❤️ Mitoma, reports Mundo Deportivo

    It's also the middle of October, ages from the next window opening. I feel like we're owed a little break from it all!
  8. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Surely we must have some decent free kick takers in this squad?

    Bissouma smashed one in up at Birmingham in a pre-season friendly, might've even been his first ever appearance. Never took one again (that I can recall), naturally :lolol:
  9. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] James Beadle

    Ironically, it looks like it! Not that anyone seems to get a sniff over Trafford for the u21s anyway (which, seeing as he starts in the PL, is probably fair enough).
  10. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] We have the worst record for both attacking and defending set pieces this season

    I don't know if less time spent practising set-pieces necessarily explains the prolonged streak of headed misses from Dunk, Webster and co. from corners that were finding the net more frequently a few seasons ago. The ability is there, we're finding Albion heads with corners still. It just feels...
  11. We're the Stripes

    [Football] Daniel Farke skills

    It had somehow escaped me that he was now Leeds' manager, so my first thought was how their fans seemed to be going a tad over the top with their applause for an opposing manager.. (and I clearly did not read the actual tweet, just watched the clip) More amusing is the fact Farke's playing...
  12. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AEK Athens *** Official Match Thread ***

    Just when it feels like we're well on our way to becoming an elite football team that might potentially challenge for major trophies (an absolutely bonkers thing to be able to say, granted), you're reminded how machine-like teams like Man City are, who have an abundant threat from set-pieces in...
  13. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] We Just Played the First Europa League Match in our Club's History

    As I mentioned to my dad yesterday, there's 18 points to play for in the Europa League, it's not like in the World Cup where if you lose your first game qualifying becomes a pretty difficult task. Not an ideal result, but we all know there'll be some memorable performances/results in this...
  14. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] A BHAFC official club podcast?

    Used to be Stephen Grant back in the day, didn't it? Before Albion Unlimited and a host of independent Albion pods started up.
  15. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Dunk interview

    You get the sense from the photos the club/England account are putting out that he looks far more comfortable and at home among the England squad these days compared to his first call up back in 2018. Be great to see him given the chance to show it on the pitch, too.
  16. We're the Stripes

    [Football] Jordan Henderson - Saudi move not about the money

    I'd love to see him put together his list of all the other reasons (that don't instrinsically link back to him being paid lots of money).
  17. We're the Stripes

    [Football] Sergio Ramos back at Seville - not Saudi

    Similar story of Juan Mata rejecting a sizeable offer from a Saudi club to go to Japan instead, citing the country and culture as being more appealing to him.
  18. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Newcastle United *** Official Match Thread ***

    Struggling a bit with the fact Evan's and Billy's shirts seem to be totally different shades of blue.
  19. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Players we SINGED who turned out to be better than expected

    Good shout - one of an influx of Spanish players under Gus, but was technically a level up on most. Flawless penalty taker and possibly the last player to have scored multiple direct free kicks in an Albion shirt?
  20. We're the Stripes

    [Albion] Players we SINGED who turned out to be better than expected

    Bridcutt would be one I haven't seen mentioned yet. Arrived as a free agent having been let go by Chelsea following a few uninspiring loan spells in the lower leagues, ended up becoming a regular first teamer in the L1 title winning season (inc. couple of very memorable long-range goals) and...
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