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    [News] Wilko on brink of collapse

    Storage boxes, logs and garden benches
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    [Politics] The Mail Woke List…..

    I think it's more than just awareness. It's having to openly declare your adherence to these issues, instead of quietly believing. If you are an introvert that can be a very painful process to go through.
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    [Politics] Does anyone know what this flag is?

    Looks like a cross between the United Nations and the former Afghanistan flags
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    [Travel] Isle of Wight in October

    Going there by hovercraft might be fun for the kids.
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    [Travel] Venice In January

    Venice carnival is well worth seeing. It might be worth taking footwear that can withstand having to wade back to the hotel through half a foot of water, or have a spare pair.
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    [Humour] Entertaining Conspiracy Theories

    Having witnessed first hand what happens in other countries, it would not surprise me in the least if this Government gets up to similar shenanigans.
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion 2023/24 Away Kit

    Just had an offer email, £10 off if you buy from the club shop with an American Express card
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    [Albion] Threads - New Twitter competitor by Meta (Instagram/Facebook)

    I tried to sign up using one of my lesser-used email addresses. Partly because of their reputation for data harvesting, partly as an experiment. Well, somehow it knew. It told me that wasn't a valid email address, and blocked me from signing up with any other email address. As I don't have...
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    [TV] Captain Sir Tom Moore - *Died 2 Feb 2021*

    Given that Land Rover is one of the Red Cross sponsors, it's more likely that any luxury vehicles are gifted for the duration of the sponsorship, rather than personally paid for by staff.
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    [Help] Hidden expenses of buying property?

    If it's a flat, look into when the next service charges are due, and how much they will be (could be thousands). Any permits such as parking permit Buildings and contents insurance, which is payable from exchange of contracts. Basic DIY materials such as tool kit, stepladder, torch, buckets...
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    [News] Missing submersible.

    Here you go
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    [Albion] 2023 Brighton Freindlies (in UK)

    England men's team
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    [Albion] Videos of de zerbi playing?
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    [Travel] Should you give up your pre booked seat on an aircraft so families can sit together?

    The airlines tell you the exact date and time that seat reservations/check in become available, so all you need to do is make a note in your diary or set an alarm and make sure you log in then. It's the only way to make sure you and your child/family are together. It makes no sense to leave it...
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    [News] Would you???????

    Why pledge allegiance to him when he is on the payroll of Klaus Schwab and the WEF. He doesn't have our best interests at heart. I would pledge allegiance to anyone who stands up to that lot.
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    [Misc] How did you react to the emergency alert?

    Ah OK, it sounded like there was a T&C section which I didn't see.
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    [Misc] How did you react to the emergency alert?

    What did it say?
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    [Travel] Anyone been to Genoa ?

    Check out the Stanley Tucci programme on Genoa If you do go, try farinata, a delicious chickpea fast food.
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    [Drinking] What's the most asked for a can of fizzy pop?

    Fruit juice and sugar-free drinks are just as bad for you as fizzy drinks. Better to stick to water, fresh fruit or brewed drinks such as tea.
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