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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AEK Athens *** Official Match Thread ***

    I have to trust the manager but I'm not sure about the team starting where's dunk?
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    [Misc] Is the world going to end tomorrow?

    Thank you, left school at 15 and went straight into an apprenticeship as you could in 1970. Am now almost 69, never been out of work for one day, never been inside a job centre, never claimed any benefits (apart from child benefit when everybody received it). Been officially for retired for...
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    [Football] England squad announcement - Lewis Dunk RECALLED!

    Dunk should be MOM won't but should be
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    [Misc] Is the world going to end tomorrow?

    So I hope not, I retired yesterday after 53 years of continuous employment. Let me have at least a week of retirement please.
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    [Help] Does this quote for plastering job sound reasonable?

    I'd be looking for about £1,200 - £1,300 if the work was being done for me, but be wary good plasterers dont come cheap
  6. K

    [Music] Music performances that bring a tear to your eye.

    I make no apologies for putting this forward as a tear jerker, as a former 22 year service WO1 who lost good friends at some point or another, this always moves me when the massed bands play this on remembrance Sunday at the cenotaph. Again one for a quiet moment maybe with a glass of port in hand.
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    [Music] Music performances that bring a tear to your eye.

    This piece of music has been with me since I was about eleven or twelve. It was used by the BBC in 1967 or 68 as the theme tune to a mystery series on the TV (When there was only three TV channels in the UK) I heard it and it grabbed me for some reason. I wrote (No emails in those days) to the...
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    [Albion] Furthest you've travelled for an Albion game?

    Used to drive from Hamlin (Hameln) in Germany regularly to the Goldstone and back for a game including the last one, night boat from Zeebruge or Ostend and occasionally Calais (Before the channel tunnel) on the Friday after work, back on the Sunday to get back in time for work Monday. Approx 986...
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    [Music] Unusual Words that have managed to get into song lyrics.

    Gnome Office Laughing Gnome (On his way down to Brighton)
  10. K

    [Film] Your favourite courtroom based film.

    A few good men gets the vote from me.
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    [Finance] Premium Bonds - prize pool increased again - you ever have any luck?

    Most months I have a small win usually £25, but recently have had several £100 wins.
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    [News] 2030 and Electric cars.

    Yes waiting to see an EV that would be suitable for towing my large touring caravan, keep reading the reviews, but see a load of fun in rocking up to a supercharger in motorway services with 7.1 metres of caravan hitched up behind me.
  13. K

    [Politics] 3rd July 2023 - Hottest day since records began - what to do about climate change?

    I can confirm that the 3rd July 2023 here in South Wales was nowhere near the hottest day this summer, let alone the hottest day since records began.
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    [Albion] Scott mctominay to the Albion?

    Someone winding us up I think, its a definite no from me, i'd rather develop one of our own youngsters.
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    [Albion] Robert Sanchez to Chelsea for £25m plus add-ons

    Better option is to keep him on the books as an asset but send him out on loan possibly abroad somewhere (Spain?) to get him playing again, rebuild his confidence and regain some of his potential resale value. He isn't a bad goalkeeper, hes just misguided at the moment.Gently move him away...
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    [Albion] Cole Palmer on loan?

    Depends on what the fine detail of what the loan deal includes I guess for me, no doubting his talent and ability to play at the highest level. Represented the best team in Europe regularly and involved in England U21 International football, if this was announced as a full transfer a lot of...
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