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  1. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] Christmas games

    Ridiculous this is but Wolverhampton Express and Star are saying it’s them v Chelsea… EXCL: Wolves' game with Chelsea at Molineux is being earmarked for Christmas Eve. Will be the first game played in the top flight on that date since 1995.
  2. Billy Seagull

    [Other Sport] Tony Bloom's horses running thread

    Unfortunately, Tony Blooms Champion Chase winner, Enermugene, is probably out for the season according to his trainer Willie Mullins.
  3. Billy Seagull

    [Misc] Paper rounds

    Yes, and some sort of computer shop, and the police station at the end of the road. Morocco’s cafe down the road too.
  4. Billy Seagull

    [Misc] Paper rounds

    Haven News was in South Road, near the chippie, opposite the Prince Of Wales.
  5. Billy Seagull

    [Misc] Paper rounds

    I had an Argus paper round in the early 80s, six afternoons a week, in Newhaven after school. From memory I was paid £2.50 to begin with and then had a whopping pay rise upto £3. Also had a Sunday round which was better money, £1.50 and tips. This was for Haven News, which is long gone. Also had...
  6. Billy Seagull

    [Other Sport] Ryder Cup 2023

    He was out of the picture apparently.
  7. Billy Seagull

    [Sussex] Favourite National Trust sites? (Plus Free National Trust Pass in thread)

    No, we were there ten days ago, it was 35 degrees !!
  8. Billy Seagull

    [Sussex] Favourite National Trust sites? (Plus Free National Trust Pass in thread)

    Yes, Clivedwn is great. Wimpole Estate near Cambridge is also a good day out. We use them as places to stop when driving to a holiday over here too. Membership is great value for money, especially if you are retired.
  9. Billy Seagull

    [Sussex] Favourite National Trust sites? (Plus Free National Trust Pass in thread)

    Sheffield Park, Nymans, Standen, Scotney Castle, Sissinghurst, Chartwell, Batemans are all decent places for a wander round and all have coffee shops / restaurant.
  10. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] West Upper closing at 17:30

    That's good news, does that include the early closing of the upper bars? Thanks(y)
  11. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] West Upper closing at 17:30

    Yes, we will get used to it and go and join the train queue as soon as they kick us out.
  12. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] West Upper closing at 17:30

    What the hell is that all about? Is it temporary whilst they have no staff or something else to piss fans off? We were told by the stewards that we had to go to the lower level bars, strangely the west lower was mobbed as a result so didn’t bother going in. Surely they wont be doing that in the...
  13. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] Amex match timer

    It’s a new rule this season that clubs will show added time, they were not previously allowed to do so.
  14. Billy Seagull

    [Travel] FFS More train disruptions announced for July 2 - 8

    RMT have announced strikes on Saturday 26th August and Saturday 2nd September, great. Home matches against West Ham and Newcastle on those days FFS:rolleyes:
  15. Billy Seagull

    [Sussex] Train Compensation?

    Yes, you can get your money back
  16. Billy Seagull

    [Cricket] The Hundred

    Yep, it’s helping the test match venues, which its designed to do, obviously.
  17. Billy Seagull

    [Cricket] The Hundred

    The hundred shite should be put in the bin. It has completely f***ed up county cricket, as us oldies know it. It’s also f***ed up the test matches. The sooner it fucks off the better. Hundred = cricket for people who don’t like cricket.
  18. Billy Seagull

    [Help] Gardeners Question Time.

    For those with allotments in the South East Water area, you can water your produce with a hose. South East Water now have the following exemption on their website…., Water food crops at domestic premises or private allotments, where this cannot be reasonably done by watering can...
  19. Billy Seagull

    [Albion] 2-2

    Yes, sat in WSU near the halfway line, I said to my wife and the bloke sitting next to me that it was offside. He looked offside to me and Dunky confirmed it:)
  20. Billy Seagull

    [NSC] NSC may become unavailable

    I've been having problems with NSC for a few days but just delete the cookies and it works for a while, then it stops so just delete cookies again and it works. This is on Firefox on my Iphone and laptop and also Edge on a laptop.
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