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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Feel like he gives it the big but never really comes forward to do the serious stuff. Will always be a Sussex legend though
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Agreed, they have only lost once in the CC this year but weather saved us as well. Quite a serious level of punishment here though, a sign of poor discipline or the want to win that many doubted? Maybe both
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition

    Actually 4 players and saw elsewhere a 12 point reduction, think us going up would have been wrong but takes the chance away anyhow
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2023 Season Edition Three players suspended for tomorrow's game at Derby. Pujara the one from ECB, others internal. Not great timing for a promotion push!
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    [Cricket] The Hundred

    Whilst the hundred may/may not be in its final year, a day at a game is great fun. I went again to Ageas again yesterday for the Southern Brave game. Two great games, the standard of women's cricket has increased incredibly quickly. The crowd number was good, the Ageas can at times look like...
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    [Sussex] What's hot and what's not in Worthing?

    Avoid. Bit like sleeping above a downmarket spoons.
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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC- 2022 Season Edition

    Yes, plus up to 4 beers or 1/2 bottle of wine I think.
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    [Finance] Favourite American

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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC- 2022 Season Edition

    Pathetic. Embarrassing
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    [TV] The Man Who Bought Cricket

    Great show. I didn't really know the story, Luke Wright is the main player interviewed as well
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    [News] There's no need to panic buy petrol

    Sainsbury Worthing has been normal hours for a few days now, worth checking if passing that way?
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    [News] There's no need to panic buy petrol

    No, the £3.72 was witnessed. More the state some are getting into over their fear of losing control.
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    [News] There's no need to panic buy petrol

    My dad queued for around 45 mind to get his this morning as had run out. Put his usual £25 in, lasts him a couple of weeks. Till operator said it was one of the highest amounts he had taken this morning, guy before him had topped up to full....£3.72!
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    [Cricket] T20 Finals Day, Edgbaston

    Members forum Monday night, could be a lively one. Lively in cricket membership terms that is
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    [TV] Silent witness

    Police know nothing and request help from the team. They sort it all out, chase people around, have a punch up, hold em & hand em back to the Police all done. Its laughable pants tv but I still watch it.
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    [Cricket] LV County Championship Division Three - Worcestershire v Sussex

    We're so bad. Was thinking we might end up in minor counties in a few years but even at that level we'd struggle. Feel sorry for anyone buying one of the new flats near the ground entry, few years time the ground will just be more flats
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    [Cricket] Ben Brown loses captains role

    I felt the captaincy was possibly too much with keeping and being our most consistent bat as well. I really hope he's not going though, he's Sussex through and through. Is this a backlash after him backing Gillespie? Talk of fall outs etc. Always saw his as a player who gives all for his...
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    [Cricket] The Edge - now on iplayer

    Great film, cricket fan or not, great watch for anyone who loves team sports
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    [TV] Disaster! Game only on ITV!?

    It was pure Partridge
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