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    [Albion] De Zerbi constant player changes

    I'm a neutral who enjoys watching every Brighton game, what are you, the fans, opinion on De Zerbi constantly chopping and changing his starting 11? any of you getting annoyed by it? I understand you got a lot of games to play, and a lot of good players to use, but nearly every top team players...
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    [Football] USG level underrated?

    Produced Mitoma and Adringra for you... Boniface has left and now scored 8 goals for Leverkusen already, probably wouldn't sell him for anything under 70M. Teuma has scored 4 goals for Reims from midfield too..
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    [Football] Victor Boniface

    £80M player
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    [Football] What kind of job would tempt De Zerbi away?

    I can't see him leaving you right now with the current squad and set up you have, in the league you are in (competing against the best managers in the world, in the best league) for an Italian team like Juventus and Inter who don't currently have the player profiles he likes. I can't even see...
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    [Football] Victor Boniface

    You sure? he looks like he could be another Osimhen.
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    [Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**

    So where does he play? LW - Mitoma, Adringa, Fati?
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    [Football] Victor Boniface

    Big mistake not getting him from USG?
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    [Albion] Caicedo vs Bissouma

    Was there really such a big difference between them in ability for such a valuation difference?
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    [Albion] Who are the winners of the Caicedo deal?

    Turned 5 M into 115 M.. only one winner
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    [Albion] De Zerbi: “Bigger clubs can buy our players but they can't buy our soul or spirit.”

    I really think you guys should just make De Zerbi the highest (or top 3 ) highest paid manager in the league, with all your profits from sales, you can pay him an extortionate amount to keep him around. Worked for Simeone with Atletico.
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    [Albion] Where is Moises going? (Chelsea - 14/08/2023)

    Chelsea really don't have much young talent they are willing to part with who are useful to Brighton. Lewis Hall could have been a good punt to take £7M off the final transfer fee, but they've loaned him. Andrey Santos they plan to keep, Brighton out performed Chelsea by a large margin last...
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    [Albion] Where is Moises going? (Chelsea - 14/08/2023)

    Buy him then sell to Chelsea next year for 120 M after Caiceido flops...
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    [Albion] Top 4?

    You can definitely do it.
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    [Albion] The Rayo Vallecano friendly?

    any stream for this?
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Big mistake not signing Boniface. 2 goals vs West Ham today
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    [Football] Saudi League

    Newcastle are not high on their priorities.
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    [Albion] Albion v Brentford Official thing ********

    Have to try and play both, Adringra on right
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    [Albion] Match Thread: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wannabe Brighton & Hove Albion

    What's Brighton's starting 11 now? --------Verbruggen----- Veltman---Igor---Dunk---Estupinan -------Dahoud----Gilmore---- -------------Pedro------------ Enciso-----Ferguson-----Mitoma
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    [Albion] Match Thread: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wannabe Brighton & Hove Albion

    Stunning team to watch. No Mac and no Caicedo? No problem. Brighton to win the league!
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    [Albion] Which Player Are You Most Excited About Next Season?

    Joke all you want. Brighton have an incredible squad. It all depends on how much your talents can push on over the summer. If they all reach their peak growth, you will be challenging.
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