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  1. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Friendly v QPR

    I think this was the Christmas 1966 League game at the Goldstone, when John Templeman was brought into the side to make his debut, specifically to mark Rodney Marsh. We had lost 0-3 at Loftus Road on Boxing Day, but drew 2-2 the following day at the Goldstone. Don't know what RDZ would think...
  2. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Your first away game watching The Albion

    Thugwall at the Old Den, 12 September 1964. Lost 0-2, but Albion went on to be Division 4 champions that season, with Millwall finishing second. Back in the days when Millwall were undoubtedly the Albion's main rivals, not Palace. The atmosphere was, shall we say, a tad intimidating.... The...
  3. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Top of the League

    Lest we forget. The League 3 table of 20 April 1997...
  4. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] James Milner

    Would it be tempting fate to wish that he plays another 33 PL games for us? Should we start a countdown???
  5. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] James Milner

    From the Premier League website "Brighton new boy Milner equals Premier League record" Boy?? ""By starting Brighton & Hove Albion’s opening match of the season at home to Luton Town, James Milner has equalled a Premier League record. The 37-year-old, who joined Brighton from Liverpool on a...
  6. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 23/24 Odds

    5/2 from most leading bookmakers
  7. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 23/24 Odds

    As of 10 August 2023, from Oddschecker Winner: 125/1 Top 4 Finish: 7/1 Top 6 Finish: 7/4 (most leading bookmakers) Top Half Finish: 1/4 (most leading bookmakers) Bottom Half Finish: 11/4 (most leading bookmakers) Relegation: 66/1 Just drifted out slightly on the winner and relegation odds...
  8. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 23/24 Odds

    As of 18 July 2023, from Oddschecker Winner: 100/1 Top 4 Finish: 7/1 Top 6 Finish: 7/4 or 13/8 (most leading bookmakers) Top Half Finish: 1/4 (most leading bookmakers) Bottom Half Finish: 11/4 (most leading bookmakers) Relegation: 50/1 Just drifted out slightly on the higher placings odds...
  9. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Fixtures 23/24 (9.00 AM 15th June)

    For comparison the first 7 fixtures from 60 years ago, the 1963-1964 season, were:- Workington Town (h) Rochdale (a) Newport County (a) Torquay United (a) (LC) Stockport County (h) Rochdale (h) (back in the days when clubs sometimes played one another home and away in quick succession)...
  10. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] PL 2022/23 Expectation vs Reality Table

    According to ESPN's Ian Darke... Here
  11. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] 2022/23 Predictions

    Predicted Premier League Positions in 2022-23 Liverpool Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal West Ham United Newcastle United Leicester City Aston Villa Brighton & Hove Albion Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers Everton Leeds United Brentford Southampton Fulham...
  12. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 23/24 Odds

    As of 29 May 2023, from Oddschecker Winner: 80/1 Top 4 Finish: 5/1 Top 6 Finish: 6/5 (Corals & Ladbrokes only) Top Half Finish: 1/4 (Bet365 & William Hill only) Bottom Half Finish: 11/4 (Bet365 & William Hill only) Relegation: 50/1 It will be interesting to revisit this on 19 May 2024....
  13. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 20-22/5/23

    Actually this thread this afternoon has been rather like the real time match reports on NSC circa 2001, crooners to the Albion and Mrs Butters telling us about Guy's latest chicken consumption, and all that, for all those who remember.
  14. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Premier League 20-22/5/23

    Well, Yves, my little old fruitcake, you should have stayed with the big club.... (ditto Cucu)
  15. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Name a unique or random thing that has happened at this football club

    Getting a gate of 22,229 for a meaningless reserve team game...
  16. Reinelt 62

    [Football] Worst football match….

    Three from a different era, one from the dire 62/63 season that saw us tumble out of Division 2 straight into Division 4, and two at the start of the following season. Bournemouth at the Goldstone, Easter Saturday 1963. 0-1. On the Good Friday we had been tonked 0-5 at the Goldstone by the...
  17. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended

    Thanks. Yes I should have remembered that.
  18. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended

    Here's another one. Scunthorpe away, April 6 1968. Won 3-1. Remember having a long chat with Albion's No 3, John Duncliffe, on the train back to King's X Local Brighton lad who played quite a lot that season as I recall. Whatever happened to him?
  19. Reinelt 62

    [Albion] Rare Albion Games You Attended

    Chesterfield 5-0. Remember that one (no Cameron's Strongarm....)
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