I am losing it again

  1. Gus is god
    I am struggling again at the moment, not so that i feel im going to do something stupid, but to the point were im thinking i have really had enough.

    I just am struggling to handle certain things from my past, and lately they keep coming up and i am then made to think about them and i get upset and angry. Some of the shit i went through for years was hell on earth, and i have to have that with me for the rest of my life, for year's during school i put up with abuse after abuse about being adopted, constant abuse, i got into fights over it and i often found myself on the end of a telling off, my school didnt seem to understand what it felt like to be attacked like that.
  2. Gus is god
    I struggle to understand why my Dad killed himself and i often see an image in my head of the way he did it even though i was to young to really understand it, but i found his death certificate when i was 13, and ever since then i have built this picture in my head. I also just cant understand why my Mum and Her boyfriend treated me the way i did, and then being passed from care home to care home until i was adopted.

    I get moaned at on here for my post count, but people dont actually understand what a blessing this forum is for me i come on here post all day, chat to albion fans and totally forget about these nasty things that go on in my head, then when i go to bed i have to deal with the issues.
  3. Gus is god
    I just moved down here to try and make a new go of things get away from all the shit in the past but it really hasnt worked, i dont think im ever going to shake this cloud hanging over my head, last night was awful after a day of arguing on here, i just went to bed and thought whats the ****ing point i seem to argue with every one at the moment.

    I just dunno what to do any more i really dont, just feel like giving up and letting it take over again.
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