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  1. hahahahaha
  2. The stage is set; This is it. Tuesday 20th October 2009. The day we win promotion. Hearts will be broken, tears will be shed, lifes may even be lost; there's no turning back now though. In around 27 hours the time will be hear, to take what we've been talking about for 6 days on the computer, onto the astroturf. It shalln't be easy, nor shall it be hard (that doesn't make sense) thing is for sure, we'll be pumped. Speaking to BBC Weather last night, he reckoned it'd be raining for the game; outside chance of the DUCKS bottling it, and staying at home with an ikkle mug of Tea? Meaning a 1 - 0 win would be enough to sent us up. Hmm, who knows. Mr William Hill has us at 6/4 shot to go up; wheras Sir Paddy Power has us at 7/4, not much in it. TotS Longshot of the day was Paryletic to go up at 33/1. Shame it's in the PI laws that we're not allowed to bet on it.

    And it's going to be one, and it's going to be two, and it's gunna be three in a row, a row, a row..

    YouTube - The Velvelettes - Needle In A Haystack

    You & Roj invented it, and pulled it off brilliantly. IMO, it's better than the 'BIKE' now - might need a NSC poll.

  4. Tune.
  5. Tonight with words unspoken,
    You said that I'm the only one,
    But will my heart be broken,
    When the night (When the night)
    Meets the morning sun.

    I'd like to know that your love,
    Is love I can be sure of,
    So tell me now and I won't ask again,
    Will you still love me tomorrow?
    Will you still love me tomorrow?

    YouTube - will you still love me tomorrow? the shirelles
  6. sent to me from heaven, mr conboy, you're my world.
  7. let me know if anything is happening gotta pop out quick
  8. n0pe.
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