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  1. Hi Bozza.

    Any chance of asking new poker players to PM you so you can ask them relevant questions relating the albion to see if they’re true Brighton fans?

    If it gets to the stage where we have more enormous players who don’t talk then it’ll get boring and players will leave like I will, can you imagine on Thursday when that player from Sunday played another player we don’t know, we’d all leave and not watch the final show showdown.

    Think action needs to be taken to nip this problem in the bud before it escalates to such an extent that people get fed up playing poker.

    Think people who register should contact you so they can prove who they are and when we’ve got a good crowd together then ask us loyal players to PM you for the private password.

    Hope it doesn’t come to it Bozza, but we don’t want 4 people left who know, no one as it’ll spoil our poker matches.


    Mr bloom in disguise.
  2. Even bozza

    Just wondering if there’s anyway the police can tap into NSC and get our ISP address without you knowing?

    Regards, Helt.
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