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  1. To be honest Icy i'm sick of everythin gthat is happening up there at the moment. The lying and deceipt which Gannon alluded to is all to real and currently if we finish the season it will be a result. Obviously Jim has heard something recently which give him faith that we will but I'm at a loss to know what it is. People who have known each other for 10 + years are no longer speaking.
  2. Thanks for that, I can's see DK running with cuts and percentages! Oh well it seemed a good idea on the Albion's behalf but I guess we're not quite a tempting enough proposition the way things are at the moment. I'm sure you are relieved and delighted.
  3. He is on a cut of the gate money and he also gets a percentage of transfer fees.

    He does happen to really love Stockport as well, spent his playing career there don't forget. But the money he is on is a decent wedge.
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