• The latest scoop on crypto and football

    Seemingly, crypto and football donít have much in common. Hold onto your seats for this one. How many times a day do your words such as blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency? A lot, right. Well, thatís to be expected since crypto has made its way into numerous industries, including football.

    Crypto and football - an unlikely connection
    It might seem strange, but the budding relationship between crypto and football isnít much of a surprise. Also, considering the current inflation, cryptocurrencies are starting to look a lot more tempting.

    Nowadays, Bitcoin, Ether and many other cryptocurrencies are an acceptable payment method. As such, itís only a matter of time before football players start receiving pay in crypto. In fact, itís already begun, just take a look at David Barral. Last year, the football playerís DUX International de Madrid transfer was paid for in crypto.

    Furthermore, Juventus also announced its crypto token launch for their fans in 2018. The fan token would basically allow fans to respond to team-related ballots, in turn making the bond between fans and the club much stronger.

    Moreover, thereís more evident instances of cryptoís presence in football. Take NFTs, for instance. This particular sector is all the rage right now, so we have players, leagues, and clubs creating digital assets. Neymar, in particular, also recently started promoting such assets.

    Cryptocurrency in the near future
    The notion of crypto-friendly casinos is nothing new. However, there are also crypto casinos. Like the name suggests, crypto casinos will deal exclusively with their namesakes. Usually, crypto casinos support multiple cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin and Ether are the most common ones. In contrast, the main payment method in crypto-friendly casinos is, in fact, fiat currencies. You can, however, make the occasional crypto payment. If youíd like to learn more about crypto casinos, visit https://safecryptocasinos.com.

    Is crypto going anywhere anytime soon?
    To sum up, new crypto coins are popping up all the time, which leads us to believe that theyíre here to stay. Football is just another industry that seeks to reap the benefits of cryptoís financial power.

    As a result of such circumstances, leagues, players, and clubs are becoming more aware of their various benefits. Considering the variety of options available, placing a bet on your favorite football team has never been easier. So, keeping all of this in mind, why not place your next bet in crypto?

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