• Five Best Football-Themed Online Slots

    Currently, online gambling is all the rage, with digital sportsbooks leading the charge. However, until recently, wagering on sports over the internet was not widely permitted in all corners of the globe. Thus, casino-style betting used to rule this sphere, with reel-spinning games being the top attractions on platforms that offered interactive gaming services. Do not get things twisted. These gaming hubs are still super competitive in most markets, despite globally taking a backseat to sports betting.

    According to some estimates, over 17,000 online slots are floating around the World Wide Web, hosted by more than three thousand gambling sites. Hence, there is no shortage of options when it comes to reel-spinning fun. Most gamblers love products in this genre because they are simple-to-play, yield enticing prizes, and more modern releases play more like video games than traditional fruit machines where the level of player engagement is only pressing the spin button.

    Not only are there are thousands of games to choose from in the slot category, but these utilize virtually every theme imaginable. So, there is an abundance of football spinners online, close to three hundred. That means that parties interested in testing their luck on the most popular casino products around can choose to play video slot games that incorporate some form of footie action. In most veteransí opinions, these are the five best such picks.

    Top Trumps Football Stars
    Okay, so here is the thing with the online casino sector. Few game developers can splurge on paying licensing fees to use the likeness of the planetís top football stars. However, UKís Playtech is a company with such deep pockets. So, in 2018, they decided to fork over the money necessary to have Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Ramos, and Neuer as in-game symbols. Technically they bought the rights to the Top Trumps Cards and indirectly got to use the mentioned players' likenesses. Other than utilizing images of super recognizable footballers, in all honesty, this slot does not have too much going for it. Still, it is a sector rarity, so we thought we would mention it.

    11 Champions
    11 Champions is a Gameburger Studios product. That is a new provider that showed up on the scene in 2019. They work exclusively with Isle of Manís Microgaming, focusing on producing titles that blend rudimentary gameplay with novel features. Their most established slot is 9 Masks of Fire, but 11 Champions has also made massive waves and brought this company much notoriety. Released in May 2020, it boasts the standard 5x3 layout but implements many novel features like Action Reels and an extremely captivating bonus round. The standout aspects of this game are its sound effects and max reward of x5,000 a playerís wager.

    Super Striker
    NetEnt is another internet gaming behemoth. They are a Swedish company that got established in 1996. Recently, they got acquired by Riga-based Evolution Gaming for $2.1 billion. Over the years, they have churned out some 370 internet slots. Amongst these is Super Striker, which hit online casinos in April 2020. It is one of the more impressive football-themed reel-spinners around. Same as 11 Champions, this NetEnt release also boasts a max exposure of x5,000, but its maximum bet is $75, which is $25 more than the one available in 11 Champions.

    Football Glory
    Yggdrasil is a sacred tree from Norse cosmology. It is the center of the universe per the Poetic Edda, a collection of Norse poems, and the name of another Swedish slot developer. Football Glory is one of their most famous products, made available to slot enthusiasts everywhere in May 2020. It has two randomly activated features called the Silver and Gold Cup, which are pick-em mini-games, and can provide mouth-watering wins. Nevertheless, many argue that the frequency with which these get triggered is super low. The Free Spins mode here is the Superstar bonus that incorporates a Sticky Wild at a random position.

    Harry's Reels
    Harry Redknapp is the only former and current Premier League manager to have a slot game that features his likeness. One where he is the main character, no less. Although, this should only come as a surprise to those not familiar with sports betting, seeing as Redknapp is an ex-BetVictor Brand Ambassador. His reel-spinner includes multiple creative features like locked reels, Stacked Wilds, random Free Spins, near-miss re-spins, and more. Moreover, it also has a slightly above average RTP of 96.3%.
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