• Brighton Palace Gaming Bench

    Thanks to smartphones connecting to 4G or 5G networks, we can get online from just about anywhere. You could be waiting for kick-off in the North Stand of the Amex, checking your messages, making a TikTok video, or placing a bet on the match.

    Gaming on the go is increasing, with people playing on their favourite apps or visiting gaming sites. Recently, a new immersive experience popped up at Brighton Palace Pier that took outdoor gaming to a new level.

    Brighton Palace Pier Bench
    The Pitstop, a special gaming bench, appeared on Brighton Palace Pier on 12th June. Itís a 5G gaming location that was installed to celebrate a partnership between EE and Xbox. The blue-green bench with pebbles around its feet encouraged passers-by to sit down, connect and play a game.

    The immersive experience took inspiration from the seaside location. Another bench was installed at Liverpoolís Royal Albert Dock with a similar theme. The idea is to have the sights, sounds and smells of the seaside while playing games that are set underwater or connected to the ocean.

    Itís a fun way for users to be on their phones while still being present in their surroundings. Staying connected virtually or in-person improves our experiences. Plus, the 5G aims to make the gaming experience smooth, even when gamers are on the go.

    EE and Xbox Partnership
    The initiative marks the collaboration between Xbox and EE. The two companies are working together to provide perks to EE customers. They can access unlimited gaming data and use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access more than 100 games.

    With many networks now offering unlimited data packages, you can follow in these footsteps and enjoy games while youíre out and about. It could be through a dedicated app or accessing sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms through your browser.

    Mobile Gaming
    You donít need a bench on Brighton Palace Pier to try out the immersive experience. Mobile gaming possibilities are increasing exponentially. Next time youíre waiting for a match to start, have a bit of spare time at half-time or want to extend the football experience, you could play a football-themed game of poker - there are hundreds if not thousands of them about, all you need do is select the one.

    Another thing - gaming sites can lead you on to learning about poker and other table games to help you become more proficient at the game. For example, the website https://ggpoker.co.uk is partner of WSOP - by playing in the rooms of the site, if youíre good enough you can win an invite to play in the WSOP for real. Now that would be something to brag to your mates about.

    But in the meantime, here are the top ten non poker related game titles you might want to try as a warm up.

    FIFA Mobile 2021
    The mobile offering from FIFA has various game modes. You can play in the World Cup and build and manage your team as you play. Youíll see the faces of familiar players in this app thatís accessible to Android and iOS users.

    Score Hero

    This app gives you the opportunity to play as a player or a manager. If you captain a team, you need to work to lead your team to victory. As the coach, youíll need to combine different skills and attributes to build the best team.

    eFootball PES 2021
    Pro Evo fans will be impressed with the graphics in this mobile version of the popular game. The controls are easy, and everything still works smoothly on the small screen. Just like FIFA mobile, youíll be taking charge of top named footballers.

    Soccer Manager 2021
    This simulation game puts you in the managerís seat to see how you would build a squad, who is in your starting lineup, and how you motivate the team to achieve success. Itís ideal for fans of tactics and transfers who have a lot of ideas about how things should be run.

    Dream League Football 2021
    An all-rounder when it comes to football experiences, you play, manage, design the kit, and even upgrade the stadium.

    Pick Your Spot to Play
    Whether itís poker, sports betting, or a football game, you now know what to play. All you need is to pick your spot.

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