• Who Would Win a Clone Premier League?

    What if every team in the English Premier League could clone one of their star players to fill every single outfield position? To be fair, every team starts with an average goalkeeper. That is 20 goalkeepers of equal abilities. Who would the traditional top six sides choose, and who would eventually win the title? This is nothing like the fantasy FPL in your favourite online casino, but a game of imagination.

    The champions would start any league as firm favourites in any online casino, not because of their status as the defending champions, but due to their squad's strength. Many names pop in mind. Fabinho has been used as a central defender to good effect, but his natural position would be a defensive midfielder. He scores goals too. VVD, Salah, Mane, or the evergreen Milner?

    VVD can defend, pass, and score, but can Salah defend, or even string those long passes? Not quite. Mane edges him defensively, but the Senegalese does not boast the best final pass. James Milner is Mr. Dependable for Liverpool. He can defend, pass, and tackle, but he doesn’t score as you’d want. The ultimate player goes to Fabinho.

    Manchester City
    Kevin De Bruyne beats the rest of the pack hands down. He is probably one of the best passers of the ball in the league. He scores important goals from open play and led assist charts before the arrival of Bruno Fernandez. He can trackback and defend before releasing his fellow forwards with inch-perfect passes.

    Manchester United
    An easy pick for United would be Bruno Fernandes. He came to the toughest league in the world and fit in seamlessly. He is not the hardest working player on the field, but he sees passes where others cannot. He can score good goals and is a 20+ goal-a-season midfielder. He will often be spotted in his own box when things get messy. He only needs to improve on his overall work rate; otherwise, a team of Fernandes would be worked out easily over 90 minutes.

    Do Chelsea have that star spark after the departure of Edin Hazard? There is a collection of young talent, but N’golo Kante sounds like their man. You won’t see more hardworking players like a happy Kante. The diminutive box to box midfielder has it all, and he’ll work tirelessly over 90 minutes. He can tackle well and deliver a killer pass. He will score too when called upon.

    Tough one this. Arsenal has captain Aubameyang as their talisman, but he won’t play in every position. David Luiz, Xhaka, Pepe, or Saka? Callous call here. In all honesty, Arsenal lacks in several departments. Pepe and Xhaka have a claim here. Xhaka is a midfield commander, both defensive and offensive. Pepe likes to run on the flanks, but rarely will you see him defending. This one goes to Xhaka.

    There is Harry Kane, Son, Bale, Alderweireld and Ndombele. And a couple of other players. Son and Kane excel as forwards, while Bale is lazy. Alderweireld and Ndombele are a bit more versatile and can hold more positions than one. They can dictate the game's pace, but Ndombele can pull surprise goals and passes to support his strikers. Ndombele for me.

    The Verdict
    Bruno Fernandes has a considerable claim, but his lower work rate lets him down. The battle is between Fabinho and De Bruyne. Liverpool seem to concede less when Fabinho starts, no matter who he plays with. On the other hand, De Bruyne gets so much assistance from his able City mates. Liverpool would win it with a team of Fabinhos. Phew!
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