• How Will the 2020 Summer Transfer Market Develop?

    The talk right now is all about how, when and if the Premier League will return to finish the 2019/20 season.

    Whatever happens here, teams will need to know where they stand shortly, if they have met season expectations, and what league they will be playing in next season.

    This is going to be an incredible and very strange summer period for many different reasons, and that looks set to have a big impact on the 2020 summer transfer window.

    Most clubs won’t have even thought about buying, selling or anything else at this moment in time, but it is a bridge that will need crossing at some point.

    So, what will teams do, and what will the summer transfer window look like?

    Will There be Buyers?
    With the current financial uncertainty surrounding many clubs and the prospect of huge income deficits over the coming months, will anyone have any spare money to splash the cash on players?

    Is this a scenario where clubs will have to manage risk and reward? The risk is obviously spending money, but the reward could be glory at the end of the season if they cash in on what are likely to be lower than normal transfer fees.

    Betting on the outcome of leagues in England is always popular, expect next season to be no different after we get through the summer.

    Those who spend and take risks are likely to grab the headlines and prove to be popular with punters. The bookmakers with the best offers are likely to see a correlation between the teams who are prepared to spend money in the transfer window and people betting on their chances of success.

    Will Teams be Desperate?
    The answer to this question is likely to create where the transfer market sits this summer, and right now, it seems inevitable that some teams will be desperate to offload players. This is both to cash in and take the lump sum of money on offer, and also to get their wages off the total weekly wage bill.

    It would be no surprise to see players going for far lower fees than they were valued at just a few months ago because of this.

    But will this work? Will this give the fluidity that the transfer market needs to keep all clubs happy, both buyers and sellers?

    We are going to step into new territory for every club and owner in the pyramid, each of them with slightly different views and needs. How all of this comes together is going to be fascinating if nothing else.

    What Will Happen to Player Wages?
    The topic of footballers and their wages has always been very controversial. Many believe that the best paid players in the world are on far too much money, and this trend needs to stop.

    Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, things were showing no signs of slowing down although now they could be forced to.

    Many clubs have already asked for wage cuts from players and agreed with them. This is something that is likely to continue into next season, and for as long as fans are not allowed into stadiums to help boost club revenue.

    When a new player moves to a club, he will surely have to factor this into his contract, and clubs may want this to be a permanent move, rather than a temporary wage cut.

    Are we about to see the end of big contracts for good? If we are, then players are not going to move clubs willingly, which could throw everything about this transfer window up in the air.
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