• I Wanna Be Adored - Chatper 3 - Here Comes a Soul Saver - 1989

    "Here comes a soul saver on your record player floating about in the dust"

    Dad got mad with me! I don’t blame him but my brain exploded. The lights, the music and all the records.I just couldn’t believe there were so many records. How can anybody make the decision of what to get. He was disappointed with me for not asking anyone at school what i should get. I didn’t know why but when i walked in that shop and saw all those records it all made sense. There is just too much music….. and all with just 7 notes.

    I sat in the corner of the shop. Dad walked off.

    After what felt like an eternity but seemed like an instant he came back to me with some magazines and a record by a band called The House of Love.

    “The girl said there is a song called The Beatles and The Stones on this album” he smiled weakly

    I tried my best to smile back and replied “Sorry dad i just……”

    “I know son” he smile nodding his head “But it should be me apologising, i shouldn’t have lost my rag with you. Sometime I forget how hard this stuff is for you”

    I didn’t even know he had bought a rag, perhaps it is for cleaning the records.

    “The girl said you should read these, maybe they will help you choose what you might like”


    “The Beatles and The Stones made it good to be alone” These words shot straight to my soul. I knew that dad loved them both but I never realised someone else understood. Someone knew how soothing it was to to drift away and lose yourself in Revolver or Let it Bleed.

    It was 2am when mum came in and told me I should be asleep. I had listened to the House of Love record over and over. Hannah shimmers and shines right through you. So calming and interesting it just takes me away. While listening I read Q cover to cover twice and Melody Maker and NME three times each. I felt like I had open a door on a magical world full of people who might just understand what it is like in my head.

    “Honestly you and your father and those bloody records. You’ll be wanting a guitar next. And that will probably get played as much as your dads does.” Mum sounded cross but was smiling so iI knew that she was joking… sort of.
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