• Albion v Manchester City, 12.05.2019

    Quite the day - little old Brighton and Hove Albion cast in a crucial supporting role in the final act of a dazzling Premier League title race. Broadcasters from 21 countries rocked up, as the eyes of the world focused on the sun-bathed Amex.

    Thank The Lord / Chris Hughton / Cardiff City / Crystal Palace (delete as you see fit) that the Albion were confirmed as safe last week, and we were able to relax and enjoy the drama. The alternative would have been gut-wrenchingly horrific.

    The Albion enjoyed decent early possession against a nervous City, with so very much more to lose. A couple of half-chances came and went, before Glenn Murray nodded home his 13th goal of the season, from Pascal Groß' wicked corner to send shock-waves around the football world. The Amex erupted - with Anfield following suit seconds later as the news filtered through. We'd given hope to the worldwide legions of Liverpool fans - delirious hope that they got to savour for fully a minute, before City, jolted awake from their lethargy, bit immediately back.

    That hope then crushed, as Laporte rose to head home an irritatingly simple goal, to turn things around before half time, and ground into the dirt with two excellent late strikes as the Albion's excellent high energy first half efforts started to tell.

    Before proceedings came to a close, and City could celebrate successive title wins, another, more emotional narrative. Bruno substituted, to receive the deserved acclaim of all 30,600 people in the stadium - every fan of both clubs - every player on the field - the staff on both benches - even the match officials - all stood applauding an Albion hero, and consummate football professional. Our bearded hero made his lengthy departure via the heartfelt embrace of team-mates and opponents alike, as his song boomed around the ground, and many an eye was wiped dry.

    City celebrated their latest prize on the Amex pitch, as Liverpool fans worldwide deleted their temporary Glenn Murray profile pictures, and Albion fans breathed a sigh of relief that a less than fulfilling season had limped to a close, with the club's status intact.

    From @The Tactician and myself, some further words for our departing LLEGENDA...

    Bruno Saltor Grau: a true captain, a fabulous leader both in his words, and by supreme example. Truly an Albion legend. Over his time at the club, spanning two distinct eras, Bruno has been such an influential, monumental figure, and here was his last ever game for the Albion.

    And not just his last.

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    1. TSB's Avatar
      TSB -
      Loving the Scouser artwork.

      Top work, @Exile.

      Enjoy the off season and looking forward to your contributions again August onwards.
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