• Manchester City 1-0 Albion, FA Cup Semi Final, 06.04.2019

    Looking back on the game after a sobering and lengthy trek back up to Manchester, it would be tempting to file this game away as unremarkable - an expected result, a straightforward occasion, and a minor footnote in the story of Manchester
    City marching imperiously to an unprecedented potential quadruple.

    But after putting my key in the door at 6am Sunday morning, collapsing on my bed with my Albion scarf still draped around my neck, my mind refused sleep. I got out my laptop, after an enjoyable browse of NSC and #bhafc, rewatched the
    highlights in all their blue and white magnificence. This was a special day. Without question, a game that will live long in the memory, with all the pride and emotion to go with it.

    Wow. What an occasion.

    *Exile* Unlike my writing partner, I've been here before. A long time ago though - literally a generation back. As my brothers and I sat giddy, in the back of Dad's swanky new Ford Sierra, he implored us to 'enjoy every minute, as this might not happen again in your lifetimes'. Three decades on, and it's the turn of my own lads - spotting Albion scarves and stickers on the drive up - browsing their phones for all things FA Cup. Tweets from people already up there, showing the Albionisation of Wembley. Messages of support from past heroes. All bubbling up nicely.

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