• Albion 4 - 1 Swansea City, 24.02.2018

    Massive, massive game at the Amex. Swansea City in town, for a bona-fide six-pointer. The Swans’ revival under Carlos Carvalhal such, that from looking utterly doomed a month back, a win here would take them above the Albion. The Albion themselves in decent form though – after a mini-run of good results – and justifiably confident. There’s a potential fly in the Amex ointment though, in the smug, balding shape of referee, Mr M Dean. It’s Look-at-me-Mike’s first appointment for an Albion home game, since that horrific day at The Riverside. Let’s not go there. With Mike in charge, form, class, momentum – it’s all out the window – anything could happen.

    The Albion are straight into this on the front foot. Right from the outset the Swans looking fragile at the back - it’s as plain as day from minute one, that the back three of ‘Fede’ Fernandez, Van der Hoorn and Mawson are slow. Really, really slow. How in God’s name did the lightning quick Liverpool attack not destroy these, like they did us? Baffling.

    A standard ball is chipped down the middle. Fede inexplicably ducks under it, then gets out-paced by 34 year-old Glenn Murray. With that warning ignored, the scenario is repeated minutes later – Fede misses it - Murray in behind – clumsily tripped by the lumbering Van der Hoorn. All eyes on Mike – who decides (as he generally does) to play to the home crowd – pointing to the spot with a flourish. Easy decision in truth – the defender, caught the wrong side, made no attempt to avoid the contact.

    The Albion number 17 picks himself up, grimaces rubbing his shoulder, then dispatches the spot-kick high down the middle of Fabianski’s goal, then jogs off to ‘celebrate’ with barely a trace of a smile on his beautiful, dour, Northern face. Yes, Brighton. Yes. Exactly the start required. This is massive. Bloody massive.

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