• Albion Fans Enraged By TV Snub

    Albion fans reacted with fury this afternoon when the Premier League’s televised schedule for December was announced and revealed that the Seagulls had been selected to be shown a grand total of ZERO times.

    There had been widespread speculation amongst Albion fans that the home fixture against Liverpool would be selected for live coverage, and some supporters had already made plans for this.

    Steven White, a long-time fan said: “I thought there was no chance at all the Liverpool game would be played on the Saturday. I didn’t really fancy chancing the trains, which will be busy with Christmas shoppers, so I’ve given my ticket away.

    “My mate Kevin supports Liverpool and Brighton, so it was a great chance for him to see both his teams and I was going to get stuck into the Doritos at home and watch it on the box.”

    With the Albion having been a popular choice for broadcasters over the opening weeks of the season, some fans were becoming accustomed to getting their Albion fix at any time other than on a Saturday at 3pm.

    Fan Tommy Franklin said: “Don’t Sky realise we are in the Premier League now? It’s like they’ve forgotten we exist or something.”

    Both Sky and BT are giving football fans a festive feast of the Premier League’s biggest clubs, with Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City all selected five times, whilst Liverpool and Chelsea will feature in four live games each.

    Season ticket holder Stuart Grant said: “I can’t believe they’ve completely ignored us. Didn’t they see our thrilling 1-0 win over Newcastle, surely a great match for any neutral.”

    With neither Stoke nor Watford selected for any live coverage in December, Grant continued “It’s a bit of an insult really, being grouped with showers of shit like Watford and Stoke. No disrespect to those clubs, but we really should be on TV more than them. Even ****ing Huddersfield are on once and they’ve not scored for about 15 games.”

    Angry fans have started a petition to get Sky and BT to reverse their decision and show Albion at least once in December.

    In related news, an Albion fan has leaked that he believes the New Years Day home fixture against AFC Bournemouth will be played earlier than the currently scheduled 3pm, presumably for live TV coverage.
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    1. AmexRuislip's Avatar
      AmexRuislip -
      Are you one of them Crystal Palace trolls
    1. Is it PotG?'s Avatar
      Is it PotG? -
      I'm not whining

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    1. SPonthewing's Avatar
      SPonthewing -
      What a load of bollocks
    1. Gary Gurr's Avatar
      Gary Gurr -
      It's fantastic to have some games played at the tradition old time of 3.00 pm on a Saturday...proper football
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