• Chris Hughton, making it reign

    On Saturday Chris Hughton will take charge of his 125th Brighton game, joining Micky Adams (1st stint) as the club's 11th longest serving manager.

    If all goes well next season, he should end 17/18 as the club’s 7th longest servicing gaffer, overtaking Chris Cattlin (136), Mark McGhee (139), Don Welsh (153) & Pat Saward (158)

    Climbing the ladder will take longer after that with Gus Poyet next with 194 games, then Alan Mullery (1st time round) in 5th place with almost double the current number of games in charge (249).

    Top spot is taken by former Albion striker Charlie Webb who managed for over 900* games between 1919 & 1947.

    (NB *2 websites say it was 908 games, but Wiki says it was 972 with a breakdown)
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    1. Stat Brother's Avatar
      Stat Brother -
      So for Chris to reach number 1, he will have to manage the Albion until his mid to late 70's.

      Sounds fair enough to me.
    1. Shuggie's Avatar
      Shuggie -
      Nah, only into his late 60s ... there's a lot of CL games to be played every year
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