• Albion 2-1 Wigan Athletic, 17.04.2017

    ‘Home to Wigan Athletic’ - doesn’t sound much of an event, written down. Recent ‘Home to Wigan Athletic’s can’t have been especially memorable – the last that springs to mind found us 2-0 down after four minutes at Withdean.

    Not so this one. Nobody will forget this one for a long, long time.

    Oh my. What a day.

    What. A. Day.

    The Amex was resplendent in the pre-match sunshine, capacity crowd buzzing with anticipation of history in the making. The pre-match montage. Highlights of a succession of recent wins – a runaway Albion train gobbling up the decisive points whilst Newcastle and Huddersfield stuttered. Warm applause for the players warming up, then a rousing ovation for an all-time favourite – Saint Inigo Calderon flown back from Cyprus by the club. A very special guest on a very special day. Calde puffed out his cheeks, visibly moved by the strength of the collective affection towards him.

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